Wednesday, 27 June 2012

General Dart/Disc Usage Tips Part 2

More of a tactics post than a general usage post.

Strafing: The act of moving past or around another object at reasonably high speed with given intent. Differes between contexts, but in this context refers to the way one may run past another while firing, in an attempt to hit their opponents while not being hit themselves.

  1. Burst fire is particularly effective. Although you'll eat through darts (anyone who's played FPS games with burst fire guns will know what I'm talking about), the Streamline unpredictability makes it harder to dodge, and coupled with a burst of darts, your target will have little choice but to retreat or be tagged.
  2. Streamlines are effective for close-mid range suppression because of their unpredictable flight paths. At longer range, Streamlines swerve too greatly for any form of precision firing, while they do not veer as much in close-mid range combat.
  3. Streamlines are great for strafing. Because in strafing you won't be able to get a good sight onto your targets, the inaccuracy of Streamlines gives you a greater chance of a hit.
Whistlers/Whistling DTs
  1. Use these darts for long rang suppression. Unlike Streamlines, they have a relatively consistent flight path, but unlike Suctions, they are not pinpoint accurate and thus their flight path is not completely predictable. Whistlers in general are the best for suppression because of their slight inaccuracy and long range.
  2. Whistlers are good for those experience at strafing. Because they're not as accurate as Suctions, you don't have to aim exactly at your target to hit them. This coupled with their high range allows long-range strafing where you might not even be shot at.
  1. Lobs are possible with Suctions. Provided you first fire off a tracer shot, you can accurately lob Suctions over obstacles, thanks to their stability.
  2. This accurate lobbing can be used to counter the longer range of Whistlers, as although they can aim right at you, you have a greater chance of hitting them. 
  3. Strafing is difficult with Suctions due to their pinpoint nature, coupled with the nature of strafing. While strafing, you'll be moving at high speed, which will make accurate shots difficult. Keep to accurate shots with Suctions.
  1.  Discs are ideal for long range suppression - longer range than that of Whistlers. The slow velocity of discs gives them suspense, as your targets watch the discs glide torwards them. Their slow velocity also allows you to make quick corrections to your aiming.

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  1. Outside I noticed Whistlers are more accurate than DT darts in my Sharp Shot.