Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rayven Test Fire

Quick test-fire of my Rayven. It has 3 Trustfire 14500s and a screw for a dummy battery.
EDIT: Trustfires are awful for Nerf uses, please use IMRs instead. eFest, Windyfire and AW are reputable IMR brands.

Ranges without the barrel are around 70-80ft.
Ramges with the barrel are probably 60ft+, with far better accuracy.
EDIT: Ranges are probably rubbish, don't pay them much attention.
The barrel has been taken from an LSFG and put into the Recon barrel.
Super bright torch on the side :)

Note about the barrel, the rear end is funneled because it drastically reduces misfires. It used to misfire every 6 shots, but I've now managed to run 30 darts through it without incident.

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