Saturday, 28 February 2015

Review: BoomCo Railstinger + Internals

This is my first foray into BoomCo blasters, as they use an ammo type incompatible with the standard foam darts available today.
The BoomCo Railstinger is a unique blaster in that it attaches to tac rails, which is why I chose to buy it. I purchased it during my recent trip to Canada (along with a lot of other cool things), and haven't yet seen them in Australia (as of publishing this post).

Friday, 27 February 2015

Acquisitions from Canada

Hey guys!
So if you didn't know already, I recently went to Canada for several weeks for a holiday with my family. We did a lot of skiing, seeing sights, etc etc, the sorts of things you go to Canada in winter for.
We also did our fair share of shopping, so I thought I'd share what I got from the land of maple syrup.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Review: Buzz Bee Air Max 10

The Air Max 10 is one of the blasters in Buzz Bee's air powered Air Max line. As mentioned before, Nerf has largely abandoned any kind of air tank/bladder system. So how does the Air Max 10 stack up against the Elite blasters?

Like the other Air Max blasters, the AM10 was sent to me for review by Buzz Bee Toys, so many thanks to them for that. As usual, that will not affect the review in any way.

Also note that the AM blasters I received are those meant for US retail, other countries will receive weaker blasters to comply with EU safety restrictions.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Loadouts 14: Heavy Fire Support 1 (revised)

A revised version of my Heavy Fire Support loadouts, as a result of further experimentation and reading on the interwebs.

Scenario Description: Close-mid range team based encounters. General engagement ranges ~7-12m. Player has taken the role of "Heavy", who carries larger blasters that are typically more spammable and ammo hungry, or are mor effective than regular blasters.
Keys to Victory: Rapid fire blasters with reasonably high capacity, preferably easy to reload. Reasonable range - does not have to shoot particularly far. Must be able to effectively spray darts at opponents, idealistically suppressing or tagging them. Large amounts of ammo. Fearlessly spray opponents, even when under heavy attack.
Alternative primary blasters are those that inspire great fear into opponents and consume lots of ammo/particularly large ammo, such as large shotguns and rocket launchers.
You won't be too capable of run 'n' gunning thanks to the inherent bulk of your gear, but it's not hard to walk 'n' gun, and if you're prepared enough, running with all your gear shouldn't be too hard. Practice is the key to coping with all the stuff you're carrying.
Unnecessary Burdens: Trying to cut down on weight somewhere by minimising ammo or some other useful objects. Face it, if you want to be a "Heavy" you  are going to be carrying a lot of stuff. That is the entire point of your role. If you don't want to be carrying so much stuff you probably shouldn't be a Heavy.