Friday, 30 September 2016

Review: Smooth Artifact Flywheels and Straight (Red) Flywheel Cage

Aftermarket flywheel parts are somewhat of a rarity compared to the plethora of springer mod parts that are out there. While there are all kinds of springs, breeches and other internal parts available, flywheels and flywheel cages are pretty rare. These Artifact parts are only the 3rd aftermarket cage and flywheels I know of, and the first non-canted cage and first non-proprietary smooth concave flywheels I'm aware of. Given my love of flywheelers, I was naturally very excited to get my hands on them.
EDIT 8/10/16: Chrono numbers have been added.
EDIT 9/10/16: Some alterations have been made to the cage + flywheels segment.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Worker Parts: Stryfe Mag Release, Thumbscrews, RS Pusher

I received a package from China containing a variety of Worker and Artifact parts. I'll be talking about the Artifact parts in a future post, but I thought I might as well do a quick post on all the other parts I bought.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

USC Dart Review and Testing

Suction darts are an extremely popular and fun dart type, because of their exceptional accuracy and the sheer fun of sticking them to smooth, flat surfaces. Due to their large heads however, the traditional suction darts don't work in mag fed blasters, which dominate much of today's blaster range. Nerf released mag-compatible suction darts will smaller heads some time ago, however I've never seen them in Australia for a reasonable price. Third party mag-compatible suctions (dubbed "Universal Suction Clones") have also been available for quite a while, and I decided to get a bunch of them.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

MHvZ Game Report 10/9/16 - Lower Player Count, Balloons

We had less players than usual today, resulting in a later than usual start. There was also a little rain, though for the most part that didn't interfere with play. We did however have an opportunity to try a new zombie mutation which was rather interesting.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

FVN/VTN Dart Mini Test Fire and Observations

FVNs are a more recent dart design to appear. It merges the bullet-like tip design of ACC darts with the hard vinyl material of FVJs. I wasn't intending to get some for myself, but a friend of mine bought a bunch and passed me some to test.