Sunday, 31 January 2016

Adventures in Japan and Malaysia

I just got back from a holiday to Japan and Malaysia. It was fun, we did some skiing, saw some temples and shrines, did a good lot of shopping, the usual stuff. Here's all the stuff I bought:
I'm a massive Star Wars fan, obviously, and Japan has a lot of awesome things that we can't get (for a reasonable price, or at all) in Australia.
Pokemon things! I'm a Pokemon fan too, and in Australia we get basically no Pokemon merch.
Also this awesome maglev model thing that actually floats.
Finally, the Nerf related things. Ironically no Nerf blasters, for various reasons. Japan has a very small Nerf presence, while Malaysia has very high prices. I bought Barons because they're small and fun (and not in Australia), and the Breakflip because besides the Halo stuff, Australia hasn't gotten any of the new waves of BoomCo.
Breakflip review will come soon(ish), but I'll be updating my "Thoughts on 2016 Releases" note (link is on the right side) first. Also because of the emergence of Nerf using an actual clip that they actually call a clip, I'll be updating all posts so that anything in Nerf's clip system (mags that are mislabeled as clips) will have (mag) next to wherever "clip" is used to minimise confusion (though that may just compound confusion). I'll also be editing anything involving Trustfires to not recommend Trustfires and instead recommend IMRs.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Review: Buzz Bee Ultra Tek Sidewinder (15m)

On top of all the awesome new blasters that Buzz Bee released under the Ultra Tek line, they also touched up an older one, the Sidewinder. How does this older design hold up to Buzz Bee's new clip (mag) blasters?
Like with the other Ultra Tek blasters, the Sidewinder was sent to me by Buzz Bee Toys for review. As usual I'd like to thank them for sending it to me, and as usual their contribution will not bias the review in any way.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Review: BoomCo Rapid Madness (13m Aus)

I should really have done this 8 months ago. Back when BoomCo was first released, their flagship blaster was the Rapid Madness. It had many promising features, such as a 20 dart harmonica clip and a pump, indicative of an air powered system (which had disappeared from Nerf's line up years ago). This naturally drew many comparison to Nerf's Magstrike, a very similar blaster. Could the Rapid Madness start BoomCo's challenging of Nerf?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Review: Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster

I'm a massive Star Wars fan, so you could probably imagine my excitement when a cool looking, clip (mag) system, pump action Star Wars Nerf blaster was revealed. A practical Star Wars blaster? Count me in! Let's just hope it performs to standard.
Since the blaster's full name is quite a mouthful, I'll be referring to it as just the Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster, or even just the Deluxe Blaster.