Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nerf Scout IX-1 Tac Rail Attachment

This is a simple mod I did. Because I already had decent sidearms (my NF's and Stealth), and I always wanted a useful underbarrel blaster (the SS just doesn't do) I turned my Scout into that underbarrel attachment.

Scout IX-3
Tac rail clip (I took mine from the Recon Flip Up Sight)
Hot glue
2 small screws
Short pin
Streamline head
Various screwdrivers
Hot glue gun


  1. Fill the Streamline head with hot glue. Then stick the pin into that head.
  2. Completely disassemble the Scout. Do all the internal mods you want.
  3. Take the plunger catch (the bit which sticks out the top) and drill a tiny hole into it. Epoxy the pin and Streamline head into it as I have done in the pic. This will be the trigger because the original trigger will be removed.
  4. Saw the Scout in half as demonstrated on the right. You should be sawing just below the tip of the first dart holder, so that the bottom of the Scout has the flat part above the dart holders as the bottom.
  5. Cut a line along the slide so the trigger will not be touched when you cock the Scout. As demonstrated on the bottom left.
  6. In the bottom of the Scout, cut out portions so the tac rail clip can be glued on flat along the base of it.
  7. Epoxy/Hot Glue the tac rail clip on. Let the epoxy dry before continuing.
  8. Drill holes (one on either side) of the tac rail clip for screws to secure it to the Scout.
  9. Reassemble the Scout and test fire. Tool around until it works.

Once all the glue is dry, you should now have an underbarrel blaster which not only looks good but is functional and easy to use.
Mine, with AR removal was getting about 12-13m with Whistlers. It was second hand, and from what I can tell fairly old.
And last of all, a pic of it attached to the Recon Barrel:

Thursday, 23 February 2012