Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nerf Raider CS-35 Usage Tips

Some long overdue usage tips for the original slam firing blaster.

1) Beware the unbalanced nature. More so with the 35 drum. It can take some getting used to, but until then it may affect your mobility and aiming.
2) Beware the jams. Because it's design was not long after the Recon, using the same setup, when it jams it jams hard. Having a drum doesn't help either.
3) Beware the drum jamming. Drums are known for jamming more than straight clips (mags), and more so with the 35 drum.
4) Beware the Raider's clip (mag) dock. It's horizontal, meaning it's not ideal for ambidextrous use. IMO it's best for right handers. Actually, it's not good for anything except looking cool. Unfortunately, this also affects your mobility because of increased chances of hitting something, especially with a 35 drum or 18 clip (mag).
5) Ranges. They suck. My Raider got a consistent 8m range, meaning it's definetely not for long range. The Raider is therefore useful mainly for CQC.
6) Slam fire at will. With the 35 drum, even at max spamming, it'll take ages to eat through the drum. (35/4dps = about 9 seconds to completely empty it). Because of the slam firing, accuracy is not necessarily as important. Which is fortunate because it's accuracy sucks too.
7) The stock. USE IT. The Raider's stock is the most sturdy out there (along with the Barricade stock and Super Soaker stocks). Sure, it's got no special quality, but it's extendable for ideal length and is super strudy. Much sturdier than a Recon's or Praxis'.

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