Saturday, 17 September 2011

Nerf Vortex Proton Review

After months of relative quietness, I have something interesting to say!
That's right, I now have a Proton!
Quick background on the new Vortex series.

Vortex is a series of Nerf blasters (officially released on 10/9/11, or 9/10/11 to you Americans) which fires discs, not darts. This is not a one-off set of blasters, due to the advertising of 'N-Strike vs Vortex'. Vortex was initially heavily criticised for its use of discs (despite the accuracy at 40ft range and range of up to 60ft) because people wanted darts. A fewmonths before the official release date, Nerf released several short videos showing off the Vortex range and accuracy, as well as showing off the Proton and Praxis in extra detail. Vortex blasters hit the shelf a little early (I think August) and the 10/9/11 (or 9/10/11) kind of failed. Nevertheless, they recieved generally good reviews.