Monday, 23 September 2013

HFCBE - Brass Breeched Nerf Longshot CS-6

As requested. HFCBE Brass Breeched Longshot.
The Longshot CS-6 is a popular blaster among modders due to its huge direct plunger tube. Brass breeches are popular because of their unique 100% air seal property. This combined with strong springs (14kg+ are popular) and shotgun grips to make priming easier and faster. With measly 8kg though and bolt action, how fast can you fire a brass breeched Longshot?
Time: 8.72
No. darts: 9
Theoretical ROF: 0.917dps or 55.0dpm

Note that this ROF is not indicative of what you or someone else can get from a Brass Breeched Longshot, as ROF is largely dependent on the quality of the brass breech and supporting mods. Mine were not that great hence my ROF is not great. Also note that with a shotgun grip ROF would increase dramatically.

Monday, 16 September 2013

HFCBE - Nerf Elite Triad EX-3

The Triad EX-3 is the first single shot blaster to use an air channel system to allow multiple shots without needing a rotating barrel or clip. Using an AR activated self advancing system, the Triad can be rapid fire simply by priming and firing quickly. So how fast can this multi shot single shot pistol fire?
Time: 1.07
No. darts: 3
ROF: 1.87dps or 112.1dpm

Note that this Triad is modded. To see a stock Nerf Triad in action view

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Loadouts Vid: Elite Alpha Trooper and Stryfe

So jumping on the Loadouts Vids bandwagon, here I am with my first Loadouts vid.
This vid features primarily my Elite Alpha Trooper (with 8.5kg BT v2 spring) and my Elite Stryfe (with 2 Trustfires).
EDIT: Please don't use Trustfires, use IMRs instead. eFest, AW and Windyfire are the brands you're looking for.

Monday, 9 September 2013

HFCBE - Nerf Stampede ECS

The Stampede ECS was Nerf's first full auto clip (mag) system blaster, and came with 3 of the extremely popular 18 clips. It is electric, meaning its ROF is totally independent of the user's strength or skill. So how fast can a Stampede fire?

Time: 7.2sec
No. darts: 17
ROF: 2.22dps or 133.3dpm

Time: 3.97
No. darts: 18
ROF: 4.28dps or 256.9dpm

Monday, 2 September 2013

HFCBE - Nerf DT Snapfire 8

The DT Snapfire 8 is Nerf's first spring powered semi auto blaster. With its semi auto ability comes a ridiculously large and difficult trigger pull, especially on power mode. On speed mode though, just how fast can a Snapfire fire?
As it turns out, reasonably fast. Though of course not as fast as slam fire or the flywheeler semi autos, the Snapfire can still put out a decent number of darts quickly, especially for a sidearm.
Time: 1.93
No. darts: 8
ROF: 3.63dps or 217.6dpm