Monday, 23 September 2013

HFCBE - Brass Breeched Nerf Longshot CS-6

As requested. HFCBE Brass Breeched Longshot.
The Longshot CS-6 is a popular blaster among modders due to its huge direct plunger tube. Brass breeches are popular because of their unique 100% air seal property. This combined with strong springs (14kg+ are popular) and shotgun grips to make priming easier and faster. With measly 8kg though and bolt action, how fast can you fire a brass breeched Longshot?
Time: 8.72
No. darts: 9
Theoretical ROF: 0.917dps or 55.0dpm

Note that this ROF is not indicative of what you or someone else can get from a Brass Breeched Longshot, as ROF is largely dependent on the quality of the brass breech and supporting mods. Mine were not that great hence my ROF is not great. Also note that with a shotgun grip ROF would increase dramatically.

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