Thursday, 26 May 2011

Modded 4B

After a bit of boredom and a case of procrastination with homework, I decided to single my 4B. I gave it a dart shooting barrel, as well as doing some other bits and pieces.
-Super short paper barrel with a twist-fit with Nerf darts
-Tac rail from Reflex glued on
-10 dart holders

1 pump:
8-9m, 30ft
Suctions and Whistlers

2 pumps:
13m, 45ft
>15m, >49(?)ft

3 pumps:
>15m, >49ft
Suctions and Whistlers

Sadly my house isn't big enough for a full range test. :P

EDIT: The paper barrel broke, so I taped on a crayola barrel.

Ranges are more than 15m with 2 pumps, using hot glue streamlines. And almost no dart drop. Also really accurate.

EDIT: (Terribly measured, poorly shot) ranges
2 pumps: 23.5m, 77 ft
3 pumps: 33m, 108 ft
3.5 pumps: 41m, 135 ft
3 pumps + heavy angle: 45m, 148 ft
3.5 pumps + heavy angle: 60m, approx 200 ft :D
Using hot glue filled streamlines.
3.5 because the OPRV kicks in half way through the 4th pump.
Disregard all these range claims, they're probably all rubbish.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Furyfires - on the way!

I ordered a 2-pack of Dart Tag Furyfires today, so they should be here within a few weeks.

The pack comes with 2 Furyfires, 20 Dart Tag darts, 2 Dart Tag Glasses and 2 Dart Tag Vests. The Furyfires have recieved fairly good reviews, hence me ordering them. They're also ideal for semi-casual indoor scavenging combat, the sort of stuff I sometimes do.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hot Glue tipped Streamlines

I took the plunge, and filled the tips of 18 streamlines with hot glue. Here are the results:

Stock AT: No distinct range/power difference, but a MASSIVE accuracy change - much, much better. Love the noise when it hits a target, too.
Modded NF: Scary. More power than Suctions, and hurts much more.
Modded Maverick: Wow. Better range and accuracy than Whistlers.
Stock Spectre: More range than Whistlers, but less accurate.
Stock Deploy: Better range, more consistency and more accuracy. All round win.
Stock LS: Less range, more accuracy. I'm confused.
Uber 4B: Epic win. Punches through cardboard.

I believe that the LS does not work with hot glue Streamlines properly because the loading mechanism does not push the dart in all the way, and hence less air pushes the dart. I could be very wrong.

For science, I decided to shoot myself at point blank range. It really hurts, even from the AT, and even through clothing!

All in all, good and easy mod, and excellent benefits. If only it weren't so tedious.