Saturday, 22 February 2014

Custom Tactical Rail Laser Attachment

I made this very quickly and easily, using the Longstrike's sight base and a laser I took from another toy gun. Add some hot glue, and you have a quick and very easy tac rail laser attachment.
Obviously being attached to Nerf blasters, the laser has no use except in extremely low light close quarters where the laser dot can actually be seen and used.

This particular laser unit has a simple on/off switch rather than a push button.

On a few different blasters. It certainly looks cool, but it only has use when you can clearly see the laser dot, and that only really occurs in very low light (such as night time) and in close quarters (where darts have not yet dropped significantly). Not to mention laser light that is too intense can cause serious damage to human eyeballs if shined directly into them. For these reasons this laser attachment is both impractical and unsafe for game use. Use it for tacticool photo shoots and fun, but don't use it in a Nerf war.