Sunday, 29 July 2012

Videos: Nerf Armoury & Riot Shield

Two videos I recorded today with my iPod Touch.
Video detailing basically everything Nerf I have except the Hydro Cannon (range test to come in some time) and my Riot Shield (below).
Basic timeline:
00:00-00:35 - Blaster Rack
00:35-01:13 - Box 1
01:13-02:42 - Box 2
02:50-03:25 - Clips (mags)/drums box
03:45-04:30 - Attachments box
04:40-05:05 - Parts box 1
04:50 - SPRINGS!
05:10 - 05:30 - Parts box 2
05:45 - 06:10 - Gear basket
06:15 - 09:10 - Ammo
09:15 - 09:20 - 35 drums and friend's Deploy
09:30 - N-Strike Tac Vest
09:35 - 10:21 - Nerf boxes & Box 3

My riot shield. Can hold 3 N-Strike clips (mags) or Magstrike clips, 12 darts and a reasonably small blaster. All details in the vid.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nerf Vortex Ammo Belt Review

Outback Nerf is proud to be able to bring you a world first - a review of the Vortex Ammo Belt.

In essence, it's the Vortex equivalent to the N-Strike/Elite Tac Vest - a clothing method of holding ammo.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Vortex Belt Kit Found in Australia

This is not a first for Australia (getting stuff before everyone else - happened with Barricade), but I think this is one of the first sightings of the Vortex Ammo Belt Kit.
$15 AUD, which is reasonable considering a mag and 10 discs is worth about $10.

Orig link here.
*DISCLAIMER* This is not actually mine. This was found by someone on Oznerf, hence the orig link.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nerf Clip (Mag) Fed Barricade w/ Video

Between me and one of my friends, we have 4 Barricades. So naturally, I decided to do a clip (mag) mod for one of mine.
The Rayven is more powerful (can support 4x14500s), more comfortable, has a weaker trigger pull (easier to fire) and is cooler. I'll be sticking with my Rayven, thanks.
The Barricade, however, can support a stock (can use Recon stock which holds extra clip (mag), or adjustable Raider/Barricade stock), is smaller (and thus more sidearm viable), cheaper (even with the clip [mag] mod), and has a certain visual appeal.
In the end, it's all personal preference. Because of the way I clip (mag) modded my Barricade, it's less comfortable to use than the Rayven (trigger pull and clip [mag] loading), as well as the Rayven looking cooler and supporting barrel extensions (more fun to play around with than stocks). If I had done a better job on the Barricade, the only deciding factor would be that the Rayven is smaller than a clip (mag) fed Barricade with stock, as well as looks cooler, so I'd take the Rayven.

Ranges unknown, but with 2 14500s look to be 15+m (50+ft). With 3 it doesn't work (motors cut out).

Original mod link. Credit for the original mod go to pSyK and SG Nerf.

Nerf Stampede ECS SMG War Review

Name: Stampede ECS SMG
Capacity Used: 18 + spare
Range: 10-13m
ROF: 4-5dps (full auto)
Mods: AR removal, air release hole plug, minimisation, 4AA battery conversion, voltage increase, sling point add (not in pic)
Point of View: Opponent

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v2v2 TDM
Other blasters: Rayven (voltage increase, me), 2*AT (stock), Recon (stock), Deploy (AR removal)
Facing the Stampede SMG, even with a blaster like the Rayven, is an incredibly daunting task. From a 3rd person view of the Stampede's usage, it's scary. It can spew out a great rate of fire with ease, and the person wielding the Stampede was also particularly agile, which made it difficult to approach. The Stampede's accuracy was terrible, as one person commented they wouldn't get hit if they stood still, but the agility of the person wielding the Stampede coupled with the Stampede's spammability made it a fearsome combo.

Overall, the Stampede was effective in close quarters, and had high intimidation factor, but was vulnerable to long range blasters (none of which were present).

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nerf Rayven CS-18 War Review

Name: Rayven CS-18
Capacity Used: 18 + spare
Range: Variable (20-25m generally)
ROF: up to 5dps
Mods: 3*14500 batteries, safety locks/switch removal/disable
Point of View: User

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v2v2 TDM, FFA
Other blasters: AT (spring upgrade, AR removal), 2*AT (stock), Deploy (AR removal), Recon (stock), Longstrike (spring upgrade, AR removal)
The Rayven with 3 14500 batteries offers a high level of threat, because of its extremely loud noise. The nosie alone can dissuade attackers, even if you're completely out of ammo. Its high range allowed a good spray of suppression fire. The Rayven outranged all other blasters, and was the easiest to rapid fire.
The Rayven, however, was plagued with several flaws.
For one, it was impossible to fire upon impulse - I had to rev it up to fire, and in those seconds the situation often changed drastically, forcing me to adapt under much pressure - not particularly easy.
Another issue was that it commonly misfired. This forced me to tip the barrel down numerous times, costing me ammo, time and often my advantage as it forced me to retreat to ensure safety. As a result I have moved to reduce misfires.
The final issue was its inaccuracy. Clip (mag) system blasters are naturally inaccurate (the Elite dart moves to change this), but the Rayven with 3 14500s is particularly inaccurate. I found it difficult to hit anything past 10-15m.

Overall, the Rayven in theory is great, and if all goes well (and I obtain Elite darts), the Rayven will only be plagued with instant-fire issues, and in the outdoor scenario this is rare.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Change of Blog Name

Nerf Blasters & Accessories really isn't flashy or memorable.
And so, I pose a challenge to anyone interested.
I'm going to rename the blog (URL will remain the same, do not worry), and I'd like suggestions on what to rename it to.

MUST BE ORIGINAL (cannot emphasise this enough)
Must have clear reference(s) to Nerf (as a sport/hobby, not a brand)
Must not contain any form of profanity or offensive language whatsoever
Must not reference hobbies unrelated to Nerf (this blog is a Nerf blog and only a Nerf blog)
Have some reference to Australia (optional, but ideal)

Entries can be submitted as comments or in an email.

Unfortunately, no prize, but the one who comes up with the best blog name will have their name (or at least internet nickname) featured on all future versions of my blog, as well as my thanks, and potentially a role in the running of this blog (within reason).

No set due date. The psuedo competition will end once I find a name I think is great, and satisfies the criteria.

EDIT: For now the blog will be renamed Outback Nerf but if someone can think of a really awesome blog name I'll consider it. 

I like the name Outback Nerf now, I'm sticking with it.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blaster Rack

My newly made blaster rack. Holds all my clip (mag) system blasters.
Sorry about the bad lighting, will take a better picture tomorrow.
EDIT: Better pic.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

War Videos 8/7/12

Like last week's vids.
There are 5 of them, and I'll upload them one by one over the week.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 War Review

Name: Alpha Trooper CS-18
Capacity Used: 18 + spare
Range: 15-18m
ROF: 2-3dps, up to 5dps with slam fire
Mods: AR removal, spring replacement, plunger reinforcement
Point of View: User

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v4 TDM, 2v2v2 TDM
Other blasters: AT (same mods), AT*2 (stock), Recon (stock), Deploy (AR removal)
Outdoors, the AT simply dominated. It's superior range to all other blasters used, coupled with a superior ROF (if necessary, otherwise ROF matched other blasters) led to it outclassing all other blasters (except the like AT). I was able to keep opponents at bay with my superior range, without fear of retaliation, and my potential ROF kept me safe in the case of a rush. The only problem with the AT is that slam firing is a lot harder than a stock AT because of the upgraded spring. Apart from that, the AT has no flaws when compared to the other blasters.

Overall the AT was incredibly effective outdoors with the only flaw being lack of accuracy (although this was balanced by everybody being plagued with the same issue).

Scenario: Indoor, FFA
Other blasters: Lumitron (stock), Stampede (extra voltage), Raider (AR removal, plunger reinforcement), Recon (stock)
Indoors the AT was just as good as outdoors, but due to the space involved its superior range was less apparent. I was still able to strike fear into my opponents with its high firepower, but the key difference was that I was still vulnerable to retaliation, and in the case of the Stampede-wielder, they could retaliate without fear of being hit because of the Stampede's full auto nature. Indoors the Stampede was a more fearsome weapon due to the ease at which someone could spew out a shower of darts, but the AT was still held in high regard.

Overall a stock AT would have likely done roughly the same job due to the small area, but the AT was still highly effective.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Nerf Whiteout Longstrike CS-6 War Review

New type of post. In these I summarise how the blaster fared against other blasters. Game type and scenario will be stated.
Name: Longstrike CS-6 (Whiteout)
Capacity Used: 18+6+6 + spares
Range: 15-20m
ROF: 1-2dps (most stable at 1)
Mods: AR removal, plunger reinforcement, spring replacement (OMW 5+kg)
Point of View: Users

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v2v2 TDM
Other blasters: AT*2 (stock), Recon (stock), Raider (AR removal, plunger reinforcement), Deploy (AR removal)
Outdoors, the Longstrike's superior power really showed. I was able to outrange all my opponents, allowing me to threaten them without fear of retaliation. The lack of ROF was not particularly evident due to said superiority, although in the occasions where opponents were close I did have difficulty tagging them when they were moving at high speed.
I was also vulnerable to rushes, because I'm quite a coward. As you could see from the videos if someone rushes I was unable to effectively counter them if I missed with the first shot, due to my lack of ROF. Luckily rushes were rare because of the threat of my blaster's power.

Overall, I think the Longstrike was highly effective outdoors, with the only flaw being vulnerability to CQC and rushes.

Scenario: Indoor, FFA
Other blasters: As above
Indoors the Longstrike's power was not so evident, and its size and design were hindrances. Its lack of ROF reduced my ability to retaliate when I was fired upon, and the design led to me exposing more of myself than I would have liked. Nevertheless, the power of the Longstrike aided as an intimidation factor, helping dissuade attack.
Rushes did not occur in this scenario because of the lack of maneuvering space, thus reducing dodge capability (a key factor of rushes). There was also the threat of ammo theivery.

Overall, I think an AT or even Recon would have been more effective in the situation because of their increased maneuverability and ROF.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Epic Value Stampedes

Epic deal I found at Kmart. Not sure how long it lasts, so go get yours now.
$20 for the Stampede super value pack - extra 18 clip (mag), 6 clip (mag), 40 darts more and 2 straps - one bandolier and one normal.

Such a great deal it deserves mention.
I think this is the cheapest price for a Stampede anywhere in the world in a retail store. It's one fifth of the RRP here in Aus. (RRP is about $100)

Monday, 2 July 2012

War Videos 1/7/12

Some war vids of my friends and I at a local school playground.
I tested my Longstrike in combat and it held up pretty well, letting me outrange my friends. Unfortunately that meant the inability to rapid fire when necessary, but I'm more of a stand-off or long-ranger anyway.
Round 1:

Round 2: