Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Epic Value Stampedes

Epic deal I found at Kmart. Not sure how long it lasts, so go get yours now.
$20 for the Stampede super value pack - extra 18 clip (mag), 6 clip (mag), 40 darts more and 2 straps - one bandolier and one normal.

Such a great deal it deserves mention.
I think this is the cheapest price for a Stampede anywhere in the world in a retail store. It's one fifth of the RRP here in Aus. (RRP is about $100)


  1. WOWW!!!!! Now you have alot of 18 dart clips but why need more?

    1. Three reasons:
      1) The male philosophy: Because I can.
      2) To arm my friends.
      3) It's better value than the Ammo Box I was going to buy (same darts, but far more stuff)