Monday, 16 July 2012

Change of Blog Name

Nerf Blasters & Accessories really isn't flashy or memorable.
And so, I pose a challenge to anyone interested.
I'm going to rename the blog (URL will remain the same, do not worry), and I'd like suggestions on what to rename it to.

MUST BE ORIGINAL (cannot emphasise this enough)
Must have clear reference(s) to Nerf (as a sport/hobby, not a brand)
Must not contain any form of profanity or offensive language whatsoever
Must not reference hobbies unrelated to Nerf (this blog is a Nerf blog and only a Nerf blog)
Have some reference to Australia (optional, but ideal)

Entries can be submitted as comments or in an email.

Unfortunately, no prize, but the one who comes up with the best blog name will have their name (or at least internet nickname) featured on all future versions of my blog, as well as my thanks, and potentially a role in the running of this blog (within reason).

No set due date. The psuedo competition will end once I find a name I think is great, and satisfies the criteria.

EDIT: For now the blog will be renamed Outback Nerf but if someone can think of a really awesome blog name I'll consider it. 

I like the name Outback Nerf now, I'm sticking with it.