Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nerf Rayven CS-18 War Review

Name: Rayven CS-18
Capacity Used: 18 + spare
Range: Variable (20-25m generally)
ROF: up to 5dps
Mods: 3*14500 batteries, safety locks/switch removal/disable
Point of View: User

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v2v2 TDM, FFA
Other blasters: AT (spring upgrade, AR removal), 2*AT (stock), Deploy (AR removal), Recon (stock), Longstrike (spring upgrade, AR removal)
The Rayven with 3 14500 batteries offers a high level of threat, because of its extremely loud noise. The nosie alone can dissuade attackers, even if you're completely out of ammo. Its high range allowed a good spray of suppression fire. The Rayven outranged all other blasters, and was the easiest to rapid fire.
The Rayven, however, was plagued with several flaws.
For one, it was impossible to fire upon impulse - I had to rev it up to fire, and in those seconds the situation often changed drastically, forcing me to adapt under much pressure - not particularly easy.
Another issue was that it commonly misfired. This forced me to tip the barrel down numerous times, costing me ammo, time and often my advantage as it forced me to retreat to ensure safety. As a result I have moved to reduce misfires.
The final issue was its inaccuracy. Clip (mag) system blasters are naturally inaccurate (the Elite dart moves to change this), but the Rayven with 3 14500s is particularly inaccurate. I found it difficult to hit anything past 10-15m.

Overall, the Rayven in theory is great, and if all goes well (and I obtain Elite darts), the Rayven will only be plagued with instant-fire issues, and in the outdoor scenario this is rare.

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