Available Nerf Blasters in Aus

This page is a list of all the Nerf blasters available in stores in Australia. Prices are both non sale and on sale (specific prices, not percentage off) prices and are in AUD. This is a permanent WIP as available Nerf products & prices change constantly. Most value packs wil be ignored because there's too many to list.

NOTE: I try to keep this page as up to date as possible. If you have any information regarding product pricing or availability that isn't on this page already, please shoot me an email or post a comment and I'll update this page.

Note that stock will vary from state to state, and even store to store. In particular, note that Mr Toys Toyworld often has drastically different stock to regular Toyworlds, as Mr Toys is a special chain. They often import a lot of extra things including a lot of Buzz Bee stuff, but as they're exclusively in Queensland, I have no regular access to them. Toyworlds in general for that matter are very unusual and sporadic in their Nerf stock.

To keep more up to date with Nerf sales and stock in Australia, particularly SE Melbourne suburbs, check out our Facebook page.

Last updated: 28/9/18

#: Not seen yet in Aus
non-sale cheapest: The cheapest price for which the product may be purchased when there is no special sale on.
TA: At Target
KM: At K-mart
BW: At BigW
TRU: At Toys 'R' Us - now closed in Australia
BOLD: Cheapest store(s), with respect to non-sale cheapest price
Strikethrough: Not readily available in stores. Some stores may have lingering stock of older blasters, but don't expect to walk into a store and see these products.

N-Strike Elite/New N-Strike: Not yet out. Supposedly out but I haven't seen any yet. Supposedly a TRU Exclusive, so expect some serious overpricing. SOFT has confirmed that it is no longer a TRU exclusive. YAY no more stupid markups! Primary Elite blasters now available. Elite is now becoming the flagship line for Nerf. 20m range claims for old stuff, *up to 23m for XD stuff. N-Strike has made a comeback in some weird other blasters, but they're different to old N-Strike so I'll throw them here.

Retaliator: $20-50, non-sale cheapest $29, (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY,TW)
Rampage: $24-55+, non-sale cheapest $65 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY,TW)
Hail-Fire: $24-90, non-sale cheapest $80 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY,TW)
Stockade: $20-40, non-sale cheapest $27 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY)
12 dart packs: $5-8, non-sale cheapest $5.50 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY)
30 dart packs: $10-15+, non-sale cheapest $10 (TA,KM,TRU,MY)
75 dart packs: $20-25, non-sale cheapest $20 (BW,TA)
250 dart packs: $50 (BW)
18 dart clip pack: $10-20, non-sale cheapest $20 (TRU,BW,MY)
Bandolier: $15-20, non-sale cheapest $20 (BW,TRU)
Tactical Vest: $30-40, non-sale cheapest $40 (TA)
Hailfire Upgrade Kit: $15-25, non-sale cheapest $15 (TRU,BW)

Rapid Strike Mission Kit (Base Retal + 2 18s): $28-38, non-sale cheapest $38 (BW)

Firestrike: $5-10+, non-sale cheapest $8 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY)
Strongarm:  $10-14+, non-sale cheapest $10 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY)
Triad EX-3: $8 (KM)
Psuedo-Elite Jolt: $5 (BW)
Psuedo-Elite Reflex: $8 (TA)
Rough Cut 2x4: $20-50, non-sale cheapest $29 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY)
Stryfe: $20-25, non-sale cheapest $20 (KM)
Psuedo-Elite Barrel Break: $40 (TRU)
Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12: $10-30, non-sale cheapest $30 (TA)
Elite Rayven CS-18: $? # (supposedly not coming to Aus)
Firefly Mission Kit: $? # (probably not coming to Aus)

Strongarm 2-pack: $20 (KM)
Firestrike 2-pack: $9-20, non-sale cheapest $20 (TA) Elite Spectre: $28-40, non-sale cheapest $40 (TRU,TW)
Mission App Tactical Rail Mount: $15-25, non-sale cheapest $25 (TRU)
Rapidstrike CS-18: $15-70, non-sale cheapest $15 (TA,KM,BW,TRU)
Elite Ammo Box: $20-29, non-sale cheapest $29 (KM)
Blazin' Bow: $30-38, non-sale cheapest $38 (BW)

White Roughcut: $20-40, non-sale cheapest $40 (TA)
Orange Stryfe: $20-25, non-sale cheapest $25 (KM)
White Vulcan: $48-80, non-sale cheapest $80 (BW)
Orange Firestrike: $9-15, non-sale cheapest $9 (KM,TRU,BW)
White Strongarm: $10-14+, non-sale cheapest $10 (KM,MY,TRU,TA)
White Triad: $8 (KM)
White Retaliator: $29-50, non-sale cheapest $29 (KM,TRU)
White Stripe Rapidstrike: $? #

Cam ECS-12: $98-118, non-sale cheapest $119 (BW)
Demolisher 2 in 1: $34-99, non-sale cheapest $69 (KM,BW,TRU,TA)
3 Missile refill: $7-10, non-sale cheapest $7 (BW,TW)
Rhino-Fire: $50-170, non-sale cheapest $70 (TRU,TW,MY,TA,BW,KM)
Sidestrike 2-pack: $? #

Slingstrike: $7-17, non-sale cheapest $7 (KM,TA,BW)
Sharpfire: $? #
Crossbolt: $29-49, non-sale cheapest $50 (KM,TRU,TA,BW)
Doubledown: $? #
Snapfire: $? #
Thunderblast: $17-35, non-sale cheapest $35 (BW)
Coloured Jolts: $5 (BW)
Elite Longshot: $? #

Splitstrike: $23-29, non-sale cheapest $29 (TA)
Orange Elite Alpha Trooper: $? #
Sonic Fire Blazefire: $25-40, non-sale cheapest $40 (TRU)

Bowstrike: $12-15, non-sale cheapest $12 (BW,TW)
Dual Strike: $20-40, non-sale cheapest $29 (KM,BW,TW)
Glowshot: $? #
Hyperfire: $59-120, non-sale cheapest $79 (BW,KM,MY,TA)
Pocketstrike: $? #
Stratobow: $35-70, non-sale cheapest $40 (KM,TRU,TA)

Disruptor: $12-19, non-sale cheapest $15 (BW,TA)
Disruptor 2-pack: $39 (KM)
Rayvenfire: $? #

Utility Vest: $20-25, non-sale cheapest $25 (BW)

Accustrike 12 dart pack: $7 (KM,BW)
Accustrike Falconfire: $19 (TA,BW)
Accustrike Alphahawk: $29-40, non-sale cheapest $40 (KM,BW)
Accustrike Raptorstrike: $70-90, non-sale cheapest $70 (TRU,BW,TA)

Nanofire: $? #
Surgefire: $30-45, non-sale cheapest $40 (TA,BW)
Accustrike Quadrant: $10-12, non-sale cheapest $10 (TA,BW)
Infinus: $99-129, non-sale cheapest $129 (BW)
Delta Trooper: $29-45, non-sale cheapest $45 (BW,TA)

Micro Shots:
Joltoids designed to look like other Nerf blasters.

Firestrike: $8-10, non-sale cheapest $10 (Woolworths)
Strongarm: $8-10, non-sale cheapest $10 (Woolworths)
Hammershot: $8-10, non-sale cheapest $10 (Woolworths)

Modulus: An N-Strike line based around accessories (finally!). Has a base blaster (Nerf is looking at releasing more) and a bunch of Mission Kit accessory packs (yay!).

Modulus: $45-90, non-sale cheapest $59 (TA,TRU,KM,MY,BW)
Strike and Defend: $19-27, non-sale cheapest $27 (TRU)
Stealth Ops: $15-27, non-sale cheapest $20 (TA,MY,KM,BW,TW,TRU)
Long Range: $15-27, non-sale cheapest $20 (TA,MY,KM,BW,TW,TRU)
Flip Clip: $19-27, non-sale cheapest $27 (TRU)

Ion Fire: $20-27, non-sale cheapest $25 (BW,TA,KM,MY)
Recon MkII: $20-50, non-sale cheapest $30 (BW,TA,KM,MY,TW)
Tri-Strike: $40-100, non-sale cheapest $50 (MY,BW,KM,TW,TA)
Battlescout ICS-10: $? #
Close Combat Kit: $? #
Targeting Light Beam/Tactical Light/Grip Blaster/Storage Shield/Storage Stock: $12 (TA,KM,BW)

Barrelstrike/Stockshot: $10-25, non-sale cheapest $25 (BW,TA)
Regulator: $65-100, non-sale cheapest $80 (TRU,TA,KM)
Modulus Stryfe: $? # (seemingly Amazon exclusive)

Mediator: $35-45, non-sale cheapest $35 (TA,BW,Toyworld)
Mediator Barrel: $? #
Mediator Stock: $? #

Evader: $49-69, non-sale cheapest $65 (BW,TA)
Modulus Customiser Pack: $145-175, non-sale cheapest $175 (BW)

Mega: Sub-theme of Elite line boasting up to 100ft ranges (depending on blaster). Use huge darts twice the size of a normal Elite dart. Red paintscheme. The Centurion seems to be the only 2013 release.

Centurion (20m): $34-80+, non-sale cheapest $70 (TA,BW,TW,KM)
10 dart refill: $6-7+, non-sale cheapest $7 (TA,BW,TRU)
Magnus (22m): $15-25, non-sale cheapest $18 (BW,KM,TA,TRU)
Thunderbow (24m): $19-70, non-sale cheapest $19 (KM,BW,TRU,TA)
BigShock: $10-20, non-sale cheapest $20 (TRU)
CycloneShock: $20-40, non-sale cheapest $20 (BW,KM,TA,TRU,TW)

Rotofury: $35-39, non-sale cheapest $39 (KM)
Sonic Ice Thunderbow: $56-90, non-sale cheapest $90 (TRU)
Sonic Ice Magnus: $20-35, non-sale cheapest $35 (TRU)
Lightning Bow: $25-40+, non-sale cheapest $35 (KM,BW,TA)
Mastodon: $100-130, non-sale cheapest $130 (BW,TA,TRU)

Doublebreach: $25-40, non-sale cheapest $35 (KM,BW)
Twinshock: $50 (BW,TRU)
Hotshock: $15 (BW)

Tri-Break: $35 (BW,Toyworld)
Thunderhawk: $59-88, non-sale cheapest $88 (BW,TA)

Doomlands 2169: Another post apocalyptic line similar to Zombie Strike. Surprisingly first appeared in Australia, even before official press releases.

30 dart refill: $12 (TA)
Lawbringer: $50-60, non-sale cheapest $50 (TA)
Vagabond: $? #
Persuader: $14-20, non-sale cheapest $20 (TA,KM,BW)
Double Dealer: $23-70, non-sale cheapest $29 (KM,TA,TRU,BW)

Desolator: $? #
Longarm: $15-19, non-sale cheapest $19 (BW)

Negotiator: $20-30, non-sale cheapest $20 (KM,TA)
The Judge: $45-80, non-sale cheapest $70 (TRU,TA,KM,BW)

Holdout: $? #

Rebelle: The new line of Nerf blasters aimed primarily at girls with 'collectable' darts. Release date as of yet unknown. Some things have started trickling in.

12 dart refill: $6-10+, non-sale cheapest $6 (TA,TRU,KM,BW)
Power Pair: $7-15+, non-sale cheapest $7 (BW,MY,TRU,KM)
Pink Crush: $5-15+, non-sale cheapest $7 (BW,TW,TA,MY,KM)
Guardian Crossbow: $20-34+, non-sale cheapest $20 (BW,TW,MY,TRU,KM)
Heartbreaker Bow: $19-24+, non-sale cheapest $24 (BW,TA,MY,TRU,KM)
Sweet Revenge: $20-24 , non-sale cheapest $24 (BW)

Wrist Holster: $8 (BW)
Powerbelle: $? #
Star Shot: $19-39, non-sale cheapest $19 (TA)
Knockout Gallery: $? #
Angel Aim/Pretty Paisley/Femme Fire/Starring Role: $10 (Woolworths)

8 dart S&S refill: $6 (BW,KM)
3 arrow refill: $5-15, non-sale cheapest $10 (BW,TA,KM)
Agent Bow: $19-60, non-sale cheapest $39 (BW,MY,KM,TRU,TA)
Diamondista: $9-15, non-sale cheapest $9 (BW,KM,TRU,TA)
Messenger: $12-30, non-sale cheapest $20 (BW,MY,TRU,TA,KM)
Rapid Red: $25-39, non-sale cheapest $39 (BW)
Spylight: $20-40, non-sale cheapest $20 (BW,TRU,TA)

Five by Five: $20-25, non-sale cheapest $20 (TRU)
Wild Glam: $? #
Rapid Glow: $? #

4Victory: $15-19, non-sale cheapest $19 (KM)
Mini Mischief: $? #
Strongheart: $10-39, non-sale cheapest $20 (KM,TA,BW)
Secret Shot: $12-29, non-sale cheapest $24 (KM,TA,BW,TW)
Slingback: $? #
Bliss: $5-12, non-sale cheapest $5 (TA,TRU)

Arrow Revolution: $29-69, non-sale cheapest $32 (TA,KM,BW,TRU)
Courage Crossbow: $18.40-35, non-sale cheapest $18.40 (TRU)
Codebreaker: $19-40, non-sale cheapest $24 (TA,TRU,KM,BW)
Fearless Fire: $? #

Improv: $10-22, non-sale cheapest $10 (TRU)
Duet: $14-40, non-sale cheapest $14 (TRU)
True Legacy Bow: $24-50, non-sale cheapest $30 (TRU)

Dauntless: $15-25, non-sale cheapest $19 (BW,TA,KM,TW)
Everfierce Bow: $29-40, non-sale cheapest $35 (BW,TA,KM,TW)
Fair Fortune Crossbow: $17-29, non-sale cheapest $29 (BW,TA,KM)
Grace Fire: $9-15, non-sale cheapest $10 (BW,TA,KM,TW)

Lumanate: $? #
Wingspeed: $? #
Epic Action Bow: $? #
Platinum Bow: $? #
Cornersight: $30 (TW,TA,BW)
Flipside: $40-50, non-sale cheapest $40 (TA,BW)
Trilogy: $? #

Focusfire Crossbow: $? #
Truepoint: $? #
Sweet Destiny: $? #

Zombie Strike: A bunch of zombie themed blasters with supporting accessories which may or may not be listed here. The Hammershot and Sledgefire have been confirmed for an October 2013 release in Aus, while everything else is for 2014.

Hammershot: $15-30+, non-sale cheapest $15 (TA,TRU,BW,MY)
Sledgefire: $28-60, non-sale cheapest $?? (TA,TRU,MY,BW,TW)
30 ZS dart refill: $9-12, non-sale cheapest $9 (BW,KM)

Crossfire Bow: $27-39+, non-sale cheapest $29 (TA,BW,TRU,MY,KM)
Fusefire: $22-40, non-sale cheapest $40 (BW,TRU)
Sidestrike: $9-19, non-sale cheapest $19 (TA)
Blade: $? #
Ripshot: $12.50-25, non-sale cheapest $25 (TRU)
Ricochet: $7-10, non-sale cheapest $7 (TA)
Target Set (ZS Jolt + targets): $? #

Slingfire: $19-49, non-sale cheapest $39 (TA,KM,BW,TRU)
Doublestrike: $10-15, non-sale cheapest $15 (KM)

Longshot CS-12: $29-39, non-sale cheapest $29 (TA,KM)
Clear Shot: $19-24, non-sale cheapest $24 (BW)
Magnus Two-Pack: $29-34, non-sale cheapest $35 (KM)
Roughcut Two-Pack: $39 (CostCo)
15 Mega dart refill: $? #
20 disc refill: $? #

Flipfury: $20-40, non-sale cheapest $29 (KM,TRU,MY,BW,TA)
Doominator: $44-70, non-sale cheapest $49 (KM,TA,TW,BW)
Eraser: $? #
Abolisher: $? #
Doublestrike 2-pack: $? #

Crosscut: $10-30, non-sale cheapest $25 (TA,KM,BW,TW)
Brainsaw: $28-50, non-sale cheapest $40 (KM,TW,TA,BW)

Outbreaker Bow: $20-40, non-sale cheapest $30 (TA,KM,TRU,BW)
Dreadbolt: $50-80, non-sale cheapest $50 (BW,TRU,TA,KM)
4 Arrow Refills: $10 (TA)

RevReaper: $35-50, non-sale cheapest $45 (Toyworld,BW)
Wrathbolt: $? #
Scravenger: $68-88, non-sale cheapest $88 (BW)

Vortex: Looks like the shelf stackers didn't realise these are meant to come out on 10/9/11. So far I've only seen them at Toyworld. Now available just about everywhere. Some places have them on clearance. The 2011 Quartet (Proton, Vigilon, Praxis, Nitron) appear to be going on clearance and are becoming quite cheap. If you want any of those I recommend snapping them up before they get replaced by Elite and Pyragons (although why you'd want those over a Pyragon I have no idea).
New colour Vortex blasters are trickling in, I'll change the Vortex line back to available once they become more widely available. It seems that the new colour Vortex stuff wasn't meant to hang around as very little Vortex stuff is left on shelves. Vortex is pretty much dead, if you wanted any Vortex stuff pick it up soon.
Proton: $10-20+
Vigilon: $12-30+
Praxis: $20-50+
Nitron: $30-80+
Vortex Tech Kit: $13 (TRU)
Vortex Ammo Belt Kit: $15 (KM)
10 disc packs: $3-7+, non-sale cheapest $4 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY)
20 disc packs: $10-13, non-sale cheapest $10 (TRU,BW)
40 disc packs: $15 (BW) somewhat rare

Lumitron: $20-45+ (same price as Rayven) ON CLEARANCE
Pyragon: $35-90+, non-sale cheapest $60 (TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY)

Diatron: $15-30+, non-sale cheapest $15 [clearance] (TA,KM,TRU,MY)
Revonix 360: $29-70+, non-sale cheapest $29 [clearance] (TA,BW,KM)

Dart Tag: The 2011 collection isn't coming to Aus apparently. They are now, but no Quick 16 :(
Current items can be found on clearance sale in some stores. All Dart Tag stuff is on clearance just about everywhere, if you want(ed) some better get it now. I suspect that the Stingers aren't coming to Australia.

Furyfire 2 pack: $40-80+, only available at Toyworld for large sums of cash.
Strikefire 2 pack: $30-45+
Capture the Flag/Stormfire 2 pack: $70+ (Pretty big rip-off IMO)
Speedswarm: $20-40
Sharp Shot: $8-14 (TA), $27-50 for 2 + extras
Swarmfire: $25-50
Speedload 6: $20-30
Snapfire 8: $13-19 (TA)
Competition Jersey: $20 (both sizes, both colours) (BW)
Training Jersey: $10-15 (both colours) (KM)

Target Tag (Stinger + target board): $? #
Dart Duel (Stinger two pack): $? #

Note that N-Strike is being discontinued in favour of N-Strike Elite.

Secret Strike AS-1: $2 (KM)
Jolt EX-1: $4 (BW)
16 dart packs: $3-7+
Reflex IX-1: $5-$7 (TA), $30-50 for 6 (TRU)
NiteFinder EX-3: $8-15
36 dart packs: $10-15+
Maverick REV-6: $9-20
Bandolier Kit: $15-30
Scout IX-3 Two-pack: $15-25, originally BW but also in MY
Spectre REV-5: $16-$24+
100 dart pack: $19 (BW) Not appearing on shelves

Switchshot EX-3: $30 (MY) Seriously overpriced, get an NF instead
Tactical Vest: $24 (BW) Rare but occasionally appear and common on BigW online store.
Barrel Break IX-2: $23-$29 (TRU) Quite rare nowadays, but apparently pop up.
Alpha Trooper CS-18: $20-$29 (TA)
Barricade RV-10 + Bonus Stock: $20-$29 (KM) Rare but pop up from time to time
Barricade RV-10: $20-34
Magstrike AS-10: $20-$25 (KM)
Recon CS-6: $20-50
Deploy CS-6: $25-40, Are quite rare but occasionally appear, usually at BigW
Ammo Box (100 darts): $20-25 (KM) ON CLEARANCE
Element EX-6 Action Kit: $20-$35 (TRU) Occasionally appear

Rapid Fire AS-20: $30-$40 (TA) Quite rare but appear from time to time
Hornet AS-6: $32-$40 (TRU), Have disappeared from shelves
Raider CS-35: $30-80
Longshot CS-6: $30-80, Are now disappearing, get yours ASAP to avoid disappointment
Rayven CS-18: $20-45+ ON CLEARANCE
Longstrike CS-6: $40-$59
Vulcan EBF-25: $29-90 +
Stampede ECS: $20-100 +
Unity Power System: $40-$70 (TRU)

Clear Series: You'll be lucky to find ANY of the Clear Series blasters in Aus. Still, here's a really short list of what I know of. Clear Recons and Deploys now in stock (15/12/11). Clear Recons and Deploys have red streamlines because they're Target exclusives. Clear Recons and Deploys seem rarer now so if you want one get one soon (26/9/12). Clear Recons & Deploys out of stock (11/12/12).
Clear Raider: $59 (KM) (Out of stock)
Clear Maverick: $19 (TA) (Out of stock)
Clear Vulcan: $40-50 (BW) (Have some stock 3/5/13)
Clear Recon: $27-$34 (TA)
Clear Deploy: $28-$35 (TA)

Sonic Series: A TRU Exclusive. Probably out of stock by now. They've come back in stock. Look pretty awesome. Still no Deploy. N-Strike ones not seen for a while, Vortex ones in stock.
Sonic NF: $12-$15
Sonic Recon: $40-$50
Sonic Maverick: $12-$15
Sonic Vulcan: $50-$90
Sonic Praxis: $50?
Sonic Vigilon: $30?

Whiteout Series: Epic looking repaints of several blasters. So far as I can tell, a BigW exclusive. (14/3/12) Appear to be disappearing. If you see them, get them quick because they are more powerful than standard ones. 18/6/12 Back in stock in BigW, and now have Longstrikes. 26/9/12 Don't appear to be coming back anymore. If you see any snap them up quick.
WO NF: $6-$10
WO Mav: $8-$13
WO Deploy: $20-$30
WO Longstrike: $28-38

Gear Up: Some cool looking orange/black repaints which also are apparently a little more powerful than the standard versions. A Kmart exclusive, and look out of stock. OUT OF STOCK. 23/6/12 Have returned. Are rare. (19/12/12) Very rare but some stores may have a little stock.
Mav: $10-13
Recon: $20-30
Barricade: $20-30

Big W or Kmart usually has the best prices, but don't expect too much stock wise usually have the best range. Target's 20-30% off sales make their exclusives very much worth it, but for blasters common to both BigW and Target, BigW is almost always cheaper. Second best is Kmart, who usually have good prices, and very specific sales which can make certain items definitely worth it, such as their Magstrikes. Kmart and BigW compete for the cheapest prices often, but Kmart usually has more exclusive stuff, while BigW has better stock. Stay away from Myer, Toyworld, TRU etc because their prices are seriously marked up, and only go there if they have a big sale (e.g. 30%+ off) or for exclusives, which TRU has in spades (sadly).