Friday, 30 March 2012

Birthday Pressies (2012)

Title says it all.

SS Hydro Cannon
SS Lightning Storm (won from AFON Giveaway)
Various Star Wars Books
OMW Springs (3 x 5+kg Spring for reverse plungered CS blasters)
Rayven CS-18
Vortex Lumitron
2 Ammo Boxes (1 Sonic Micro, 1 Streamline)
Ozito Rotary Tool (basically cheap Dremel)
iPod Touch
Darth Maul Lego Minifig
Lego Star Wars Battle of Hoth
Lego Ninjago Rattlecopter
Lots of money

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nerf Stampede ECS SMG

Some mods I did to my Stampede:
-Minimisation (cutting and removing lots of extra bits)
-Use of 4*AA battery holder (reduced weight compared to 6D battery tray)

The first is a bare Stampede SMG, the other three are tacticooled versions.

Credit for original Stampede SMG mod goes to SG Nerf: link.

New version with a silncer hot glued on. Obviously doesn't actually silence anything, but looks cool.