Friday, 18 August 2017

Mod: Thermal Hunter Handle Replacement and Lever Mag Release

While the Thermal Hunter has a fair few things going for it, there are a couple of standout issues ergonomically. The handle and stock are very short, and the mag release is rather poor. Furthermore, the magwell and pump are quite far away from the handle. Initially, I had planned on straight replacing the handle and stock attachment point with that from a Retaliator, but after seeing John Yechan Seung's take, decided to copy that instead.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Quick Review: Artifact Gen 2 Plastic Flywheels

Some time back, Artifact released a new wave of plastic flywheels. As I missed my chance to get more flywheels the previous time they were available, I quickly jumped on getting four pairs this time around. Shortly afterwards they ran out of stock, however they are currently available from Monkee Mods. Given I quite liked the previous Artifact plastic flywheels even with all their flaws, I was very much looking forward to receiving these Gen 2 wheels to test out.
Note that while the G1 wheels were available in both "full" and "truncated" forms, the G2 wheels were only ever available in this particular shape.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Review: Buzz Bee Stryker Force (15m) [Zenith]

The Stryker Force is the smallest new blaster in Buzz Bee's latest wave of releases. It is a manual action revolver somewhat reminiscent of the older Air Max 6, though of course being a conventional springer rather than an air blaster. In particular, this wave of releases also contains Buzz Bee's brand new darts. I will be reviewing Buzz Bee's new darts in a separate post. The Stryker Force includes 6 PrecisePro (PP) darts and 2 Long Distance (LD) darts.
Note that while the Stryker Force is not identical to the Zenith, they are very similar, both physically and functionally.
Disclaimer: This blaster was sent to me for review by Buzz Bee Toys. Despite their contribution, I will do my best to ensure that this review remains as objective and unbiased as possible.

Monday, 7 August 2017

MHvZ Game Report 5/8/17

Another game at Melbourne HvZ. We had some pretty good games and a solid turnout, and I had an opportunity to give some of the new Buzz Bee blasters a go in combat.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Quick Mod: MTB Neo Rhino Prototypes

While visiting the guys at MTB, I was given prototypes of some new MTB motors, Neo Rhinos and Neo Hellcats. These motors have a different wind to the regular Rhinos and Hellcats, as well as fancy new motor cans and neodymium magnets. The Neo Hellcat prototypes I received are unfortunately lacking the neo magnets, however the Neo Rhinos had them so I threw that pair into my Bullpup RS to try out at yesterday's MHvZ.