Sunday, 28 July 2013

Outback Nerf reaches 300,000 views

So I woke up this morning, checked my blog and saw this:
Yes that's right, this humble Aussie blog has hit 300,000 total pageviews.
A quick thanks to all my affiliates, in particular Qi of Awesomely Nerf, Link of SOFT and Ash of MLD, all of whom I talk to often.
And of course thanks to you for reading this blog. 300,000 views could not have been possible without you.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The End of a Legend

It is a sad day indeed when you read that Pocket of Urban Taggers will no longer be blogging. He was one of the biggest and most popular bloggers out there, along with SG Nerf and Nerf Mods and Reviews. He brought us many first looks, such as the Barricade RV-10 and the Rayven CS-18. Pocket was an awesome Aus based blog, and has paid ludicrous amounts of money just to be able to get blasters to review them for all of us in the Nerfing community.
Pocket was one of the bloggers who inspired me to create this blog. He brought me my daily fix of Nerf news, and when I got bored a fantastic read about blasters he'd reviewed. Also the fact that he was an Aussie

From one blogger to another, I salute you sir, and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Modded Nerf Supermaxx 1500

Outback Nerf's not much of a modding blog, but this particular blaster is special/important enough that I've decided to give it a post.
It's taken a long time, but I've finally gotten my Supermaxx 1500 to a point I'm happy with.
  • 20cm (8") PETG barrels with suitable spacer and turret mods
  • Rear loading slot and necessary turret mods
  • Pump plugged (allows for higher pressures to be stored in the tank)
  • Trigger spring glued (allows for faster air release with proper trigger discipline, trigger action feels smoother and sharper)
  • Tank to turret airflow improved
All these result in ranges of 30-40m (100-130") depending on the quality of the stefan, at an angle of at most 5 degrees above the horizontal at 3 pumps.
EDIT: Probably don't pay these ranges too much stock, given that no exact stefan specs were provided.
Personally I'm quite proud of it because it's not an easy mod unless you're an experienced modder and have all the right tools and materials. It's the first turreted airgun I've modded and also the first rear loading turret I've done.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Full 2013-2014 Zombiestrike Line, My Opinion & Conjecture

NOTE: Now that all of these blasters have been released, all of this conjecture and speculation is now irrelevant.

So my blog feeds and FB have just been saturated with posts on the full Zombie Strike line for 2013 and 2014.
Original credit goes to io9, but I got my first info from Basic Nerf and FFA (links left).
EDIT: Release dates in Aus thanks to UT.
Anyway, keep reading for all the pictures and my opinions of each blaster.
NOTE 1: Much of the following is conjecture and may not be true. DO NOT USE THIS ARTICLE AS A RELIABLE REFERENCE REGARDING BLASTER PERFORMANCE OR MECHANICS. Instead use it for thought provocation and inspiration, as well as eyecandy borrowed from other sites. It could be that everything I say in this article is completely and utterly wrong.
NOTE 2: I have not actually participated in a HvZ game, but I have read a number of articles describing tactics and all that. Do not use this article as a reliable HvZ reference.
NOTE 3: In the HvZ Practicality sections, I am making the assumption that the blaster being described is the only blaster you're using, for arguments' sake. With multiple blasters there's so many possibilities that describing just a small fraction for just one blaster would take a novel to fully describe.
NOTE 4: It has been said by several people in HvZ that having a good blaster does not guarantee survival. Many have said that tactics and skill are far more important, and the same applies to standard Nerf wars. Thus this article is written with the assumption that the player has a reasonable amount of skill, but not so much as to make them an expert and able to survive with any blaster they are given.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Modded Elite Triad EX-3 Range Test

I range tested my modded Triad. Also, I finally got around to making an intro vid.

  • Lowest shot: 15m (50ft) - dived into the ground
  • Cluster - 20.5m (67ft)
  • Top shot - 22m (72ft) 
I'm quite happy with it, especially since it's just a sidearm/backup.
EDIT: Don't pay those range claims too much stock, they probably weren't measured properly and the Triad probably wasn't totally flat.

Friday, 5 July 2013

My iPod Touch Tactical Rail Mount

With all the (minor) buzz about Nerf's tactical app cradle whatever they are things, I thought I'd show off my custom iPod Touch holder that I made back in 2012. If you want proof I made them then and not after Nerf's one, look at this vid.

Anyway, for those looking to get their own and not fork out lots of money for something that can be done super cheaply, you can either get Slydev's one (link left) or make your own. Even better, this custom one can be used to hold your device of choice. Sadly it cannot hold different devices, but hey, total cost is around $5.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

AN1999 unboxes, pic spams, test fires and reviews Elite Spectre; My opinion

As many of you know the Elite Spectre has been released in Singapore as part of their Nerf Powerplay Tournament.
A good friend of mine, AwesomeNerfer 1999 has managed to get his hands on a set, and has given us plenty to drool over and be jealous of, in the forms of an unboxing video, some pic spam, and a review.
I stress right now, the following content is not mine, and belongs to AN1999.