Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Modded Nerf Supermaxx 1500

Outback Nerf's not much of a modding blog, but this particular blaster is special/important enough that I've decided to give it a post.
It's taken a long time, but I've finally gotten my Supermaxx 1500 to a point I'm happy with.
  • 20cm (8") PETG barrels with suitable spacer and turret mods
  • Rear loading slot and necessary turret mods
  • Pump plugged (allows for higher pressures to be stored in the tank)
  • Trigger spring glued (allows for faster air release with proper trigger discipline, trigger action feels smoother and sharper)
  • Tank to turret airflow improved
All these result in ranges of 30-40m (100-130") depending on the quality of the stefan, at an angle of at most 5 degrees above the horizontal at 3 pumps.
EDIT: Probably don't pay these ranges too much stock, given that no exact stefan specs were provided.
Personally I'm quite proud of it because it's not an easy mod unless you're an experienced modder and have all the right tools and materials. It's the first turreted airgun I've modded and also the first rear loading turret I've done.

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