Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nerf Longshot w/ Brass Breech Test Fire

In this video I try to show off my brass breeched Longshot. Unfortunately you can't really see the darts because of lighting, the camera quality and the dart velocity. Nevertheless, you can hear the firing sound and impact sound.

Ranges with Heavy Silicone Darts (~1.6g total weight I believe) average 25-30m.
Ranges with Lite Silicone Darts (~1.2g total weight) average 24-28m.
Ranges with Streamlines are anywhere between 20m and 30m because they go completely nuts after about 10m.
Springs are: Stock LS spring, OMW 5+kg spring (total load ~8kg)
EDIT: Don't give these ranges too much weight, I doubt they were properly flat shots.

Nerf War Vids 23/9/12 Part 2

3 more videos from the 23rd of September.

Game 6: 4v1 TDM
Game 7: 2v3 TDM
Game 8: 2v2v1 TDM

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nerf War Vids 23/9/12 Part 1

The first five of ten videos I recorded on Sunday the 23rd of September, 2012.

Games 1&2: FFA
Games 3,4&5: 2v2v1 TDM

Monday, 24 September 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 War Review

Name: Dart Tag Snapfire 8
Capacity Used: 8 (non-variable)
Range: 9-10m (speed)/11-13m (power)
ROF: 1-2dps
Mods: None
Point of View: User
Scenario: Outdoor, close range - basketball court, boundaries set as basketball court's lines
Other blasters: Furyfire*3 (all stock), Swarmfire (stock, updated model)

Even against superior capacity blasters, the Snapfire could hold its own through ease of firing. With it, I could run around very easily, preparing to reload with one hand and firing with the other. It's low weight and size made it very easy to use single-handedly, and its good ranges let me stay on par with the Furyfires. Because of the ease of reloading (from the Snapfire being one-handed), the advantage of the Furyfires' capacity was not prominent.
It could also be noted that likely due to adrenaline and whatever else makes you more energetic in a Nerf war made trigger pulls very easy, even in power mode. I experience few, if any misfires, provided I pulled the trigger with the correct rhythm.

Against the Swarmfire, however, the Snapfire was no match. Because of the lack of cover, the Swarmfire's superior range and spammability made it very difficult to avoid, andbecause of the number of darts it was spitting out, I found it difficult to get any potshots off at him.
The only times I could ever threaten the Swarmfire wielder was when he was occupied with other players, and I could sneak in closer to him without being spotted.

The Snapfire's accuracy was pretty good, and I was able to fire off reasonably accurate potshots even when running. This let me keep up pressure on the enemy when trying to dodge, with the exception of the Swarmfire. Even then, the Snapfire's one-handedness let me fire off a few potshots which occasionally hit the Swarmfire wielder.

In summary, against similar blasters (such as the Furyfire) the Snapfire can definitely hold its own, but against superior blasters (such as the Swarmfire) the Snapfire is completely outmatched.
I personally enjoyed using it because it meant I only had one hand occupied, and I could do others things with my other hand, like pick up darts or prepare to reload.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 Range Test

A few of you know that I recently picked up a Snapfire 8. Well, now you all know :P
Anyways, RRP is $19 from Target (exclusive), but with a 20% all toys sale I got it for $15.20
Full review to come, but for now enjoy this range test vid.
EDIT: Don't pay the vid too much stock, I can't guarantee how flat the shots were or how accurate the range measuring actually is.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nerf Maverick REV-6 Review

The Maverick is possibly the most iconic Nerf blaster, being the best selling blaster worldwide. At it's price of $8-20 it's not hard to see why. The Maverick was originally released around 2004.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Loadouts 3: Defence

Scenario Description: Player has reasonably good cover and lots and lots of ammo. When necessary player can call backup from teammates. Player is guarding important item (e.g. flag in CTF) or important area (e.g. home base). Ideally opponents are exposed and vulnerable when attacking. Player has defined the field of combat so as to give themselves the biggest advantage and give the opponents the biggest disadvantage.
Keys to Victory: Intimidation can be just as effective (if not more) as actually tagging your opponents. Scared opponents are less dangerous than confident and fearless opponents. Ability to cope with numerous opponents in a small timeframe - a well organised team will attack as one. Manipulate your environment to your advantage. Make your opponents fight on your terms, not theirs. If you can do this effectively, you could defeat even the best and most well equipped player with something as humble as the Jolt or Nitefinder.
Unnecessary Burdens: Numerous blasters - a well equipped player should only need 2-3 blasters at most. A well equipped defender should only need one or two blasters, although backups can be useful for certain blasters.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Buzz Bee Berserker Mod

So I overhauled my Buzz Bee Berserker which I've had for about 8 months.

-Extra Tac Rail
-Replaced handle
-Airgun couplered
-Turret rebarreled
-Stock attached

This is the result:

And throughout the mod I took loads of pics for a writeup, which I've posted on Oznerf here: link


Turret (PTG)
-50-55ft with Whistlers
-60+ft with Streamlines
-Probably over 70-80ft
Airgun (PTG)
-Typical 4B - 40m (~130ft) easy with the right dart-barrel combo.
-Well over 200ft (~65m)
EDIT: Don't pay too much attention to these ranges, they're probably not properly measured or done.

All in all, it could have been done better, but I'm happy with it.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New Elite Rumours

Recently, many sites and blogs have spilled out tons of rumours at once.

First up is the 'Elite' Pinpoint sight. This was found by SG Nerf in a Malaysian Dart Tag tournament booklet, which is interesting as Nerf has finally listened to many Nerfers' pleas to bring back the Pinpoint sight.

A website called has revealed two new Elite blasters from Nerf via an article. The blasters are:
  • Strife - Semi Auto pistol
  • Ruff Cut - Blaster which can shot 2 darts at once
 Given these are the only details we know, the Strife is rumoured to be an Eliteified version of the Snapfire 8, and the Ruff Cut an Elite Barrel Break.
Lastly the Elite Jolt, now known to be called the Triad EX-3. It appears to have two dart holders on the top, and fires from the bottom barrel. Judging by the design of the handle, it uses the same or similar plunger to the Jolt. There is possibly a tactical rail on the top.
And now a translation of what the kid is saying:
  • Ranges 13-16m flat
  • Really powerful
  • A little big
Original source here (UT): link
EDIT: There's now a grey-triggered version: link

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Loadouts 2: Heavy Fire Support

Scenario Description: Close-mid range team based encounters. General engagement ranges ~7-12m. Generally numerous, small teams instead of few, large teams. May or may not have numerous obstacles obstructing lines of fire. Player has taken role of fire support for team. Where necessary player provides fire support for team, and where necessary team protects player.
Keys to Victory: Rapid fire blasters with reasonably high capacity, preferably easy to reload. Reasonable range - does not have to shoot particularly far. Must be able to effectively spray darts at opponents, idealistically suppressing or tagging them. Large amounts of ammo. Fearlessly spray opponents, even when under heavy attack.
Unnecessary Burdens: Sidearms - your team covers you when you reload, more than one blaster (with exceptions) - unnecessary weight and bulk

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Loadouts 1: CQC 1

This is an ongoing set of posts, inspired by Street Tag Warfare's post here and Awesomely Nerf's page here.
In these posts I will have a small set of blasters, their purpose, their strengths and their weaknesses along with pictures.

Scenario Description: Close range combat with lots of walls and other obstacles in the way. Range not particularly important. Usually few players, thus usually small or no teams.
Keys to Victory: Mobility/maneuverability, adapting quickly to changes in scenario, fast firing blasters with short reload times.
Unnecessary Burdens: Weight, bulk, excessive amounts of ammo, slow firing blasters, large blasters, unnecessary sidearms, unnecessary attachments.

Slydev Nerf Jolt Rail Attachment Review

Slydev is an Aussie based small business who sells 3D printed plastic Nerf accessories. Possibly they're most well known one is this highly innovative piece, the Jolt Holder, which effectively turns a Jolt into a tactical rail accessory.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Nerf Stampede ECS SMG Test Vids

Some vids to test my Stampede ECS SMG.
ROF is about 4dps (I think).
Ranges up to about 23m flat (75ft). Accuracy is almost nonexistent.
EDIT: Probably don't give these ranges much stock.

All in all it's a great rushing and spamming blaster but it definitely sucks at accuracy.