Monday, 24 September 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 War Review

Name: Dart Tag Snapfire 8
Capacity Used: 8 (non-variable)
Range: 9-10m (speed)/11-13m (power)
ROF: 1-2dps
Mods: None
Point of View: User
Scenario: Outdoor, close range - basketball court, boundaries set as basketball court's lines
Other blasters: Furyfire*3 (all stock), Swarmfire (stock, updated model)

Even against superior capacity blasters, the Snapfire could hold its own through ease of firing. With it, I could run around very easily, preparing to reload with one hand and firing with the other. It's low weight and size made it very easy to use single-handedly, and its good ranges let me stay on par with the Furyfires. Because of the ease of reloading (from the Snapfire being one-handed), the advantage of the Furyfires' capacity was not prominent.
It could also be noted that likely due to adrenaline and whatever else makes you more energetic in a Nerf war made trigger pulls very easy, even in power mode. I experience few, if any misfires, provided I pulled the trigger with the correct rhythm.

Against the Swarmfire, however, the Snapfire was no match. Because of the lack of cover, the Swarmfire's superior range and spammability made it very difficult to avoid, andbecause of the number of darts it was spitting out, I found it difficult to get any potshots off at him.
The only times I could ever threaten the Swarmfire wielder was when he was occupied with other players, and I could sneak in closer to him without being spotted.

The Snapfire's accuracy was pretty good, and I was able to fire off reasonably accurate potshots even when running. This let me keep up pressure on the enemy when trying to dodge, with the exception of the Swarmfire. Even then, the Snapfire's one-handedness let me fire off a few potshots which occasionally hit the Swarmfire wielder.

In summary, against similar blasters (such as the Furyfire) the Snapfire can definitely hold its own, but against superior blasters (such as the Swarmfire) the Snapfire is completely outmatched.
I personally enjoyed using it because it meant I only had one hand occupied, and I could do others things with my other hand, like pick up darts or prepare to reload.

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