Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nerf Maverick REV-6 Review

The Maverick is possibly the most iconic Nerf blaster, being the best selling blaster worldwide. At it's price of $8-20 it's not hard to see why. The Maverick was originally released around 2004.
The Maverick is one of the most recognisable Nerf blasters due to it being a big, hulking revolver. It's large, revolving barrel makes it quite fat, so blasters like the Spectre are probably better for holstering (as I shall explain in the Spectre review). In any sense, the Maverick looks pretty cool and probably wouldn't be out of place in a Wild West show.

The handle of the Maverick is very comfortable to hold, for both kids and adults. The design separates each of your fingers into large spaces. The same can be said for the trigger, which is thick and won't cut into your finger. The same can't be said, however, for the slide, which is flat, angular and difficult to grip properly. Such a design will make you lose grip quite easily, and this effect is amplified by greasy/sweaty/wet hands or attempting to prime it really fast.

As a sidearm, the Maverick is possibly the best starter weapon you can get, as it provides 6 quick shots, which, with practice, can be shot in 2 seconds. It's a very basic blaster to use, and you could probably figure out how to use it without instructions very quickly.
The Maverick functions from having a grey slide, like the Recon, but it is spring-loaded to make rapid-fire easier. It features a flip-out barrel for loading darts. Having a spring loaded slide means you could easily pull it, take it out of your holster, aim and shoot in less than a second. Note that because of the lack of any lips or other edges on the slide, your hand will slip off quite easily.
It is very easy to misfire the Mav if you prime it too quickly. Because of the turret's design, it can be manually rotated with minimal internal damage. However, this same system also leaves it vulnerable to misfiring and misrotating if you prime and fire it too fast. This limits its effective ROF to 2dps.

Over time, the Maverick deteriorates much faster than any other blaster I've used. After only a few months of medium usage, misfire and misrotate rates increase drastically, to the point where you have to open up the Maverick to fix up its rotation mech and trigger mech to make it function properly. Even then, jam, misfire and misrotate rates are still extremely high, more so than any other blaster.
With heavy usage, deterioration occurs much, much faster, potentially kicking in after just a week of heavy usage.
Light usage delays deterioration, but does not prevent it.

However, like the Recon, it isn't particularly powerful. It has about 8m range, but because it comes with suction darts, it is much more accurate. Like the Recon, it has a small plunger, so it's potential isn't great. Also, because of the rotating barrel, air is almost certain to escape, reducing the power that the dart gets.
Like the Recon, the Maverick is hard to use when something is attached to the tactical rail, as, like the Recon, the tactical rail is on the slide. Usage tips here.
Ranges are 7-9m for an older one, while newer ones can get up to 12m with Whistlers. Accuracy is excellent with all Mavs, with all darts except Streamlines.

At it's price, the Maverick is the sort of blaster that anyone can afford. I definitely recommend this as a sidearm for anyone who needs a good sidearm. I DO NOT recommend this if you don't have any primary blasters, and/or if your friends don't have extra primaries for you to use. On the other hand, if everyone is using mid capacity revolvers, you're fine.
With all the new Elite blasters with ammo universality and far superior ranges, I can't recommend the Maverick because besides having inferior ranges, the mechanisms inside the Maverick are also obsolete and terrible.

Cheap, easy to use, 6 dart capacity is decent for size and function, accuracy is excellent, looks awesome, barrel is easily modded to flip out or come out, ROF of 3 dps is possible
Ranges are terrible, wears out easily, a pain to reload in stock condition, tac rail is in useless position, very fat  

Power: 2/7
Accuracy: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5
Usefulness: 3.5/5
Rate of Fire: 3/5
Overall: 3.19/5

Personal Rating: 1/5 - misfires and misrotates pretty easy, wear and tear really kills it. Range is terrible. Absolutely despise it.

Good looks, decent sidearm.


  1. This is the standard nerf blaster. Easy to mod, shoots every kind of dart and u can get one for under 10 bucks most places.

  2. After I Modify my maverick Rev-6 It does not shot anymore can someone help figure it out where i went wrong

    1. Could you please specify the problem and what you did?
      Some pictures of the Mav would also help.
      At the moment any number of things could have happened - you could have eaten the internals, a dog could have eaten them, the Mav could have mutated into an alien, etc.

  3. Very concise review. The Maverick is probably the only blaster to tempt me to buy it again since:
    a) Is cheap in most stores
    b) Easy to mod (either from Youtube or mod guides)
    c) Comes in so many colours/variants :D
    d) Uses any type of darts stock or modded
    e) Above all else, it isn't hard to operate and anyone can use it
    Nerf will never stop making these because it is so... simply awesome you may say, all round it is simple but awesome!
    Anonymous: if you put lithium grease in the plunger tube, the O-ring may have expanded and now is choking the priming and firing mechanism; it how I lost my 2nd Maverick :'(

  4. Had mine for 10 years no problems