Thursday, 13 September 2012

Buzz Bee Berserker Mod

So I overhauled my Buzz Bee Berserker which I've had for about 8 months.

-Extra Tac Rail
-Replaced handle
-Airgun couplered
-Turret rebarreled
-Stock attached

This is the result:

And throughout the mod I took loads of pics for a writeup, which I've posted on Oznerf here: link


Turret (PTG)
-50-55ft with Whistlers
-60+ft with Streamlines
-Probably over 70-80ft
Airgun (PTG)
-Typical 4B - 40m (~130ft) easy with the right dart-barrel combo.
-Well over 200ft (~65m)
EDIT: Don't pay too much attention to these ranges, they're probably not properly measured or done.

All in all, it could have been done better, but I'm happy with it.


  1. Nice mod Chiew! I really like how Buzzbee blasters work, but the thing which is stopping me from buying them is that the plastic feels cheap and they use stickers instead of ink.

    1. The stickers make them good for repaints though, because the coloured parts are removable plastic bits. No need to mask stuff when painting :)
      Not that I could be bothered painted the Zerker.

      I agree, the plastic feels cheaper than Nerf plastic, but in my experience my Zerker's held up fine.