Monday, 3 September 2012

Nerf Stampede ECS SMG Test Vids

Some vids to test my Stampede ECS SMG.
ROF is about 4dps (I think).
Ranges up to about 23m flat (75ft). Accuracy is almost nonexistent.
EDIT: Probably don't give these ranges much stock.

All in all it's a great rushing and spamming blaster but it definitely sucks at accuracy.


  1. Hey guys, just dropping by to say the site looks great! It looks cleaned up from the last time I visited.

    Also, is modding the Stampede hard to someone who doesn't have too much modding experience, or is it easy?

    1. Thanks! I was aiming for a cleaner layout and stuff.

      Modding a Stampede is (from my experience) a pain in the behind if you're not prepared. Opening it is 30+ screws (which is painful enough already) plus another 9 screws to get at the plunger tube.

      AR removal can be easy or hard depending on your skill. You can use a drill or a long screwdriver + hammer. I had to use the latter because I don't have a long drillbit. Using the drill is the simple method and would take about 15 seconds with no pain, but without enough skill screwdriver + hammer can take ages. It took me about 10 minutes.

      All other basic mods are super simple and cause nowhere near as much pain as AR removal.
      Spring replacements takes no effort whatsoever (like all other blasters), plunger padding likewise.

      As for increasing the voltage, not so easy if you do the proper method, which involves soldering a battery box into the battery tray so you can use 4x14500s (the 4.2v batteries), but with basic electrical experience this is easy.

      Modding something basic like a Nitefinder is a great asset and makes the process a lot easier. Having moderate mod experience makes modding a Stampede pretty easy.

      In summary, Stampede mods are easy with the following exceptions:
      -AR removal (for the unprepared/unskilled like me)
      -Converting from 6D to 4AA battery usage (easy for those with electrical experience)

      I'd recommend starting with really basic blasters (like NF) to get a feel for modding, and then move on to bigger things when you're ready.

      Hopefully that slab of text didn't burn your eyes out and it made sense.
      In any case, visit SG Nerf's Modworks blog regarding Stampede basic mods here:

  2. have you done a brass breech? or dropped a few trustfires in it?

    1. Trustfires yes. Without them I would never achieve this ROF.
      As for brass breech, no. I don't have the skill to fabricate brass breeches, and I don't know of any local brass suppliers. In any case the Stampede is fine as is so I'm not inclined to improve it further. Besides, the only Stampede Brass Breech writeup I know of is SG Nerf's which only works for stefans.

    2. Yeah, urs seems to function very similar to mine (same rof, power, accuracy, etc.) even though i made the bolt on mine brass. however, it still accepts normal darts, and is just as likely to jam as stock, so, Don't try to do a brass breech lol it's VERY, VERY hard, that is why i resulted to making the bolt only brass.
      p.s. keep up the good work!