Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nerf Longshot w/ Brass Breech Test Fire

In this video I try to show off my brass breeched Longshot. Unfortunately you can't really see the darts because of lighting, the camera quality and the dart velocity. Nevertheless, you can hear the firing sound and impact sound.

Ranges with Heavy Silicone Darts (~1.6g total weight I believe) average 25-30m.
Ranges with Lite Silicone Darts (~1.2g total weight) average 24-28m.
Ranges with Streamlines are anywhere between 20m and 30m because they go completely nuts after about 10m.
Springs are: Stock LS spring, OMW 5+kg spring (total load ~8kg)
EDIT: Don't give these ranges too much weight, I doubt they were properly flat shots.

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