Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New Elite Rumours

Recently, many sites and blogs have spilled out tons of rumours at once.

First up is the 'Elite' Pinpoint sight. This was found by SG Nerf in a Malaysian Dart Tag tournament booklet, which is interesting as Nerf has finally listened to many Nerfers' pleas to bring back the Pinpoint sight.

A website called Wired.com has revealed two new Elite blasters from Nerf via an article. The blasters are:
  • Strife - Semi Auto pistol
  • Ruff Cut - Blaster which can shot 2 darts at once
 Given these are the only details we know, the Strife is rumoured to be an Eliteified version of the Snapfire 8, and the Ruff Cut an Elite Barrel Break.
Lastly the Elite Jolt, now known to be called the Triad EX-3. It appears to have two dart holders on the top, and fires from the bottom barrel. Judging by the design of the handle, it uses the same or similar plunger to the Jolt. There is possibly a tactical rail on the top.
And now a translation of what the kid is saying:
  • Ranges 13-16m flat
  • Really powerful
  • A little big
Original source here (UT): link
EDIT: There's now a grey-triggered version: link