Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nerf Stampede ECS SMG War Review

Name: Stampede ECS SMG
Capacity Used: 18 + spare
Range: 10-13m
ROF: 4-5dps (full auto)
Mods: AR removal, air release hole plug, minimisation, 4AA battery conversion, voltage increase, sling point add (not in pic)
Point of View: Opponent

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v2v2 TDM
Other blasters: Rayven (voltage increase, me), 2*AT (stock), Recon (stock), Deploy (AR removal)
Facing the Stampede SMG, even with a blaster like the Rayven, is an incredibly daunting task. From a 3rd person view of the Stampede's usage, it's scary. It can spew out a great rate of fire with ease, and the person wielding the Stampede was also particularly agile, which made it difficult to approach. The Stampede's accuracy was terrible, as one person commented they wouldn't get hit if they stood still, but the agility of the person wielding the Stampede coupled with the Stampede's spammability made it a fearsome combo.

Overall, the Stampede was effective in close quarters, and had high intimidation factor, but was vulnerable to long range blasters (none of which were present).

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