Monday, 9 July 2012

Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 War Review

Name: Alpha Trooper CS-18
Capacity Used: 18 + spare
Range: 15-18m
ROF: 2-3dps, up to 5dps with slam fire
Mods: AR removal, spring replacement, plunger reinforcement
Point of View: User

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v4 TDM, 2v2v2 TDM
Other blasters: AT (same mods), AT*2 (stock), Recon (stock), Deploy (AR removal)
Outdoors, the AT simply dominated. It's superior range to all other blasters used, coupled with a superior ROF (if necessary, otherwise ROF matched other blasters) led to it outclassing all other blasters (except the like AT). I was able to keep opponents at bay with my superior range, without fear of retaliation, and my potential ROF kept me safe in the case of a rush. The only problem with the AT is that slam firing is a lot harder than a stock AT because of the upgraded spring. Apart from that, the AT has no flaws when compared to the other blasters.

Overall the AT was incredibly effective outdoors with the only flaw being lack of accuracy (although this was balanced by everybody being plagued with the same issue).

Scenario: Indoor, FFA
Other blasters: Lumitron (stock), Stampede (extra voltage), Raider (AR removal, plunger reinforcement), Recon (stock)
Indoors the AT was just as good as outdoors, but due to the space involved its superior range was less apparent. I was still able to strike fear into my opponents with its high firepower, but the key difference was that I was still vulnerable to retaliation, and in the case of the Stampede-wielder, they could retaliate without fear of being hit because of the Stampede's full auto nature. Indoors the Stampede was a more fearsome weapon due to the ease at which someone could spew out a shower of darts, but the AT was still held in high regard.

Overall a stock AT would have likely done roughly the same job due to the small area, but the AT was still highly effective.

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