Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nerf Clip (Mag) Fed Barricade w/ Video

Between me and one of my friends, we have 4 Barricades. So naturally, I decided to do a clip (mag) mod for one of mine.
The Rayven is more powerful (can support 4x14500s), more comfortable, has a weaker trigger pull (easier to fire) and is cooler. I'll be sticking with my Rayven, thanks.
The Barricade, however, can support a stock (can use Recon stock which holds extra clip (mag), or adjustable Raider/Barricade stock), is smaller (and thus more sidearm viable), cheaper (even with the clip [mag] mod), and has a certain visual appeal.
In the end, it's all personal preference. Because of the way I clip (mag) modded my Barricade, it's less comfortable to use than the Rayven (trigger pull and clip [mag] loading), as well as the Rayven looking cooler and supporting barrel extensions (more fun to play around with than stocks). If I had done a better job on the Barricade, the only deciding factor would be that the Rayven is smaller than a clip (mag) fed Barricade with stock, as well as looks cooler, so I'd take the Rayven.

Ranges unknown, but with 2 14500s look to be 15+m (50+ft). With 3 it doesn't work (motors cut out).

Original mod link. Credit for the original mod go to pSyK and SG Nerf.


  1. Will work with 3x14500s if you remove the thing on the back of the battery box.

    1. Oh ok, thanks for that. Never been good with a soldering iron, so I'll probably not risk it. Yet.