Thursday, 26 May 2011

Modded 4B

After a bit of boredom and a case of procrastination with homework, I decided to single my 4B. I gave it a dart shooting barrel, as well as doing some other bits and pieces.
-Super short paper barrel with a twist-fit with Nerf darts
-Tac rail from Reflex glued on
-10 dart holders

1 pump:
8-9m, 30ft
Suctions and Whistlers

2 pumps:
13m, 45ft
>15m, >49(?)ft

3 pumps:
>15m, >49ft
Suctions and Whistlers

Sadly my house isn't big enough for a full range test. :P

EDIT: The paper barrel broke, so I taped on a crayola barrel.

Ranges are more than 15m with 2 pumps, using hot glue streamlines. And almost no dart drop. Also really accurate.

EDIT: (Terribly measured, poorly shot) ranges
2 pumps: 23.5m, 77 ft
3 pumps: 33m, 108 ft
3.5 pumps: 41m, 135 ft
3 pumps + heavy angle: 45m, 148 ft
3.5 pumps + heavy angle: 60m, approx 200 ft :D
Using hot glue filled streamlines.
3.5 because the OPRV kicks in half way through the 4th pump.
Disregard all these range claims, they're probably all rubbish.

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