Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nerf Jolt EX-1 Usage Tips

Some specific usage tips to this tiny single shot.

1) Beware the handle. It's not a solid handle, so it can hurt if you grip too tightly. Also note the part just behind the barrel. This part can dig in too.
2) Beware the priming arm. It can be a little difficult to pull, being so short (and therefore spring so strong to comensate), and it can hurt if it hits your hand upon firing. To avoid this, either shift your grip or rotate the priming arm.
3) Beware pockets. Due to the cocking arm's design, if you pocket/holster it when cocked, it can catch on something and make it difficult to pull out. Just don't leave it cocked.
4) Beware the barrel. The AR in the Jolt causes more damage to darts than most other ARs, so try not to leave any darts loaded for too long.
5) Beware the trigger. The piece of plastic holding the trigger is a bit flimsy, so from pulling the trigger too much will cause it to snap off. So try not to  always pull the trigger when you're not playing with the Jolt. Leaving the Jolt out in the sun may also weaken the plastic.
6) Take advantage of the multi-purpose barrel. The Jolt can take any dart, even streamlines and probably Elite darts. Other single-shots can't use streamlines, so you'll have enough ammo to survive the battle or at least retaliate yourself . As the Jolt is made of molded plastic, be careful when you're handling with it.

And other non-specific single shot issues.

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