Friday, 27 February 2015

Acquisitions from Canada

Hey guys!
So if you didn't know already, I recently went to Canada for several weeks for a holiday with my family. We did a lot of skiing, seeing sights, etc etc, the sorts of things you go to Canada in winter for.
We also did our fair share of shopping, so I thought I'd share what I got from the land of maple syrup.

First up, all of the Nerf stuff I brought back, none of which I have seen in Australian stores yet (Triads of course I have, but not in XD. They were bought for the orange trigger for a friend anyway).
Canadian Targets had 20% off toys due to them closing down. All quoted prices are non-sale prices excluding tax (unlike Australia, where tax is always included in prices. It got annoying real fast).
The Target and Toys R Us I went to are located at Metropolis at Metrotown, which was the easiest Target to get to for me.
From left to right, top to bottom, we have:
2x Elite Missile packs, 9CAD each - TRU
2x coloured Jolts, 6CAD each - Target
2x XD Triads, 9CAD each - TRU
Bigshock, 10CAD - Target
BoomCo Railstinger, 10CAD - Target

Next up, all my Lego acquisitions. These were bought from the Oakridge Centre Lego Store, again the easiest Lego store to get to for me.
From top to bottom, left to right, we have:
75089 Geonosis Troopers, 16CAD
75085 Hailfire Droid, 25CAD
21109 Exo Suit, 45CAD
Commander Gree Keychain, 5.50CAD
Han Solo (Hoth), --CAD (free)
Lego Employee Minifig, --CAD (gift)

I have a Railstinger review coming shortly, the Bigshock will be added to the review poll in the top right.

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