Sunday, 10 June 2012

General Dart/Disc Usage Tips Part 1

This will be a small post about about how to use your darts. I will add more pages if I discover more.

Streamline/Clip (Mag) System darts:
1. Try to have the best quality darts. Bad quality darts increase chances of the clip (mag)/drum misfeeding, chances of misfiring and jamming, as well as reducing performance (loss of range, loss of accuracy)
2. Have an accurate backup ready. The current generations of Streamlines are incapable of performing accurate shots, so pack something accurate, even if it's just a Secret Strike.
3. If possible, avoid them entirely. Their range is inconsistent and their accuracy sucks. Stick with Whistlers or DT darts where possible.
4. Take advantage of their inaccuracy and lob a large number of them (with something like a Stampede). The lob trajectory will allow them to fly further (duh), and a large number of them with inconsistent flight paths make for an unpredictable shower of darts. One's fear of being hit by darts will cause your opponents to back off. This is especially useful for Streamlines because they suck at everything else.
5. If there's anything else Streamlines are good for, it's spray. The high capacity of most clips (mags)/drums allow a prolonged spray of foam, and the unpredictabilitiy of Streamlines means you can shower an area without turning.

Streamlines will be completely replaced by Elite Darts.

Suction Darts:
1. Suction darts are the most accurate darts you can get (besides stefans). Use them for accuracy and indoors, where the superior range of Whistlers is not so important, and Whistlers' slight inaccuracy can be exploited.
2. Don't worry about your suction being soft. Darts that are soft decrease performance and since suctions are 'W1' coded, this means it's been made recently and it is stiffer than most other darts. This also applies Whistlers.
3. Don't try spraying. Suctions are too accurate to pull off effective spray (exceptions: Barricade, Magstrike, RF20)
4. Don't leave your suctions in your pocket or in stuffy places. It softens the foam and decreases performance. This applies to every other dart type.

Whistler/Whistling DT Darts:
1. Always keep the whistling hole facing upwards. It increases performance and can be performed in single shots and Barrel Breaks/Double shots. However, if you're using a revolver, don't try to do that as the barrel rotates anyway when firing so it wastes reloading time.
2. Outrange your opponents. Using a blaster with whistlers outperforms everything that doesn't have whistlers due to the whistling hole providing range, with the exception of whistling DT darts (which are rare anyway).
3. Use the stiffness of the dart for peformance advantages. As mentioned above, it's 'W1' coded so it's denser than other darts.(except suctions) This means you can shoot the same darts tons of times without the dart becoming less dense.(decreases accuracy and range)
4. Don't try to out-snipe someone with DT darts or Suctions. Whistlers can occasionally veer off course, usually from high powered blasters, but even medium-low powered blasters can cause slight curving. Instead, fire a burst of Whistlers. Their superior range, coupled with high velocity, will guarantee a hit when one will not.

Old DT Darts:
1. Use them where possible. DT darts provide a balance between a Whistler's range and a Suction's accuracy.
2. For easy storage, use the velcro to hook darts on clothing such as fleecy jumpers, velcro wristbands, a DT vest, your school bag.... 

Vortex discs:
1. Never shoot discs upwards. Discs' velocity can match the air's speed so it'll flip away somewhere and it might get lost.
2. Try not to play in grassy or cramped areas. The discs' colour is green and can easily be lost in grass. (I already lost one disc.) Warring indoors where there are obstacles everywhere also increases the chances of a disc being lost. Unless you're using the red/white discs from the Pyragon, it will be hard to find when you fire in obstructed or grassy areas.
3. Take advantage of disc-curving. Sure, the disc speed is slow and easy to dodge, but you can use the advantage to hit people behind blockades/shields.(which other ammuntion types can't)
4. Use the long-range as an advantage. It outranges every single stock blaster, but watch out of the slow disc speed after 15m(or so) as opponents can dodge them real easily. ***WILL BE RENDERED INCORRECT BY ELITE******Elite no longer gets 75ft flat - 50ft flat, less than Vortex***
5. Also use the discs' bouncyness. If ricocheting  is permitted, discs can bounce around obstacles and will the opponents/s where it is too close for disc-curving.
6. Remeber that discs spin anti-clockwise, so they bounce/curve right.
7. Don't get your discs wet. It makes the discs far more unstable and ruins range and accuracy. Even the smallest drop of water can offset a disc's delicate balance.
8. Spraying can be effective. Because of the discs' nature as relatively slow and stable projectiles, it makes a swarm of discs far more intimidating. Because they move so slowly, the gap between discs can be extremely small if you can fire fast enough. Even more so with the Pyragon, which can spew out an impressive ROF, coupled with a very high capacity.

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