Thursday, 14 June 2012

Basic Nerf Receives Elite Stuff

Basic Nerf received their Elite gear, consisting of a Retaliator, Rampage and some extras.


  1. Hey thanks a lot for posting my videos up! I also have range test videos of me firing Elite darts from a Stock Alpha Trooper and 12.6v Rayven on my channel. I want to uploaded range tests of the Rampage and Retaliator, but they seem to be giving me lesser ranges then the USA people who also got them in their Press Kits.

    1. No problem mate.
      I hate how the Elite darts are more accurate AND get the same ranges, thus forcing me to upgrade all my Streamlines to Elite darts. That's gonna cost a lot. >.<
      You receiving duds is common though isn't it? I swear you said your pre-release Vigilon was only getting 30-35ft last year, when I can confirm that retail ones do achieve the 60ft they are advertised to get.