Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nerf Supermaxx 1500 Review

This is a review of the long discontinued Supermaxx 1500, otherwise known as the SM1500 or SM1.5k.

As made obvious by the two pictures, the SM1500 has two incarnations - one from 1997 (above) and one form 2000 (below). The one I'm reviewing today is the 2000 incarnation, which is supposedly more comfortable than the 1997 incarnation, but still performs the same.

Some quick background to the otherwise unknown Supermaxx line.
Supermaxx was originally released by Larami (toy company) in approx 1997, but was sold to Hasbro and relicensed. Popular Supermaxx blasters were updated and re-released in 2000. In general they were air powered blasters, and are special in that they fire their own dart - often called the Larami or Supermaxx dart.
Supermaxx 1500s were popular due to their performance, capacity, design, price (retailed for 15USD) and size. The 2000 incarnation addressed the issues of the 1997 one being uncomfortable to hold and use. In doing so, however, the SM1500 had its size increase, from merely a pistol to a larger SMG-large pistol size, as well as compromising its gun-like feel. The new SM1500 uses old Nerf Micros, which are a tiny bit different to the current micros.

Some pics of the box:

A note about the box:

It does NOT say "Do no modify blaster". *evil ideas*

And the SM1500 unboxed.

A picture of an ammo ordering sheet included in the box:

The SM1500 out of box is very simple - itself and 6 Nerf Micros (Retro). The darts are larger (barely) than standard Nerf micro darts, but smaller than Nerf mega darts. They have a purple suction head on some yellow foam.

The AR of the SM1500 is quite large - it has a ridiculously tight fit on the darts. This prevents usage of standard micro darts, but Mega darts do not fit properly either.

The SM1500 looks quite weird, but for those familiar with the Magstrike it is very similar in design. The handle is not the most comfortable of handles but it fits my hand literally perfectly. The pump handle is quite comfortable to use as well.

The SM1500 has a manually rotating turret, which reduces ROF, but allows the use of extremely good air seals without interfering with turret rotation. It's a double edged sword - if used right you can get a fantastic seal, drastically improving ranges, or not be able to fire fast enough, resulting in you getting hit.

The SM1500 is easy to use compared to some air blasters - turn the turret (if necessary), pump twice and fire. Repeat. You only need to pump twice because the OPV kicks in after approx 2 pumps, making the SM1500 one of the fastest firing single fire air blasters you can get. I can get one shot off approx every two seconds.

Now for performance. Normally SM1500s are modded before they are used, but in my case I have 2.
Ranges are approx 10m. Not bad for something 12 years old (which likely suffered weathering in its box).
Accuracy is pinpoint because of the use of suction darts.
ROF is limited to about a dart every 2 seconds - roughly the same as a single shot.

The SM1500 apparently retailed for 15USD.

As a stock blaster, I can't recommend it because of the dart incompatibility and performance, but modded, it is a beast, as I will be showing in following days.

Potential power, one of the fastest firing airguns around, excellent pump
Minimal capacity, ranges aren't great, dart incompatability

Power: 4/7
Accuracy: 5/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5
Usability: 4.5/5
Rate of Fire: 1/5
Overall: 3.57/5

Personal Rating: 4/5 - modded it's an absolute beast and I quite like its design and novelty.

Old, unusual but has potential.


  1. oh, so you reviewed it now?

    What's so goos about Longstrikes? Ranges suck:8-9m.
    Whiteout ones are more powerful, but generally what are it's ranges.

    1. OMW spring + Longstrike will be half decent.
      Longstrikes look awesome
      I can use the barrel on my Rayven.

  2. Are the retro darts Buzz Bee? Seems to be. If not Buzz Bee must have copied old Nerf stuff

    1. Nah they're definetely Nerf. They show signs of being ancient, e.g. rough, don't stick particularly well, different size.

  3. No, Buzz Bee obviously copied the color scheme... and Buzz Bee darts fit my AT2K better than new Nerf micros.