Friday, 29 June 2012

Funny Experience with Whiteout Longstrike

So those of you who read my Longstrike review (below) know that it sucks.
Naturally, I opened it up to mod it.
So I open it up and take out all the main bits - the breech and plunger with related parts.
I remove the terrible Longstrike spring and prepare an OMW spring in its place.
Of course, I go to remove the ARs. Normally in a CS blaster I have to saw or drill the AR out, causing a mess and much stress.
Once I isolate the breech, I notice it seems loose. So I tug on the back of it (the part with the o-ring) and it simply comes off, dropping out the AR and exposing the peg. It turns out that unlike most CS blasters, this Longstrike's breech wasn't glued together, meaning much less pain and stress for me. Happy days!

Of course this is a very rare occurence, but on my part it was extremely fortunate because it means I save about half an hour in modding time (it only took me half an hour, normally takes about an hour). I've heard of it happening to old NFs and once on Oznerf from a Sonic Nitefinder, but never for a CS blaster.

I believe the loose breech is the cause of the abysmal ranges - other people's Whiteout Longstrikes have been achieving 45ft - 13m ranges.

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