Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nerf Longshot Test Fire

Test fire of my modded Longshot.
Using an OMW AT spring (5kg+), Serv Stampede Spring (10kg+) and stretched NF (old) spring (2.5kg?).
Totalling approx 17kg+ load.
Impossible to prime with one hand.
Ranges 25m+
EDIT: Don't pay those ranges too much attention, as reasonable as they are for a high power Longshot, they probably weren't measured properly at the time.
Reinforced Boltsled with aluminium sheet.
Stock breech and stock Streamlines.
A brass breech and good stefans would get it hitting 30m+ reasonably easily.


  1. Where does the dart go? Can't see it but can only see the shock of the shot. Why don't you do a more simple mod so it does have to be hard to cock?

    1. The dart slams into the door then falls to the ground.
      It's not gonna be a blaster I use in wars, so I thought I might as well make it awesome.