Friday, 1 June 2012

Shout-out to fellow Blogs and Affiliates

Just a shout-out to a fellow blogger, Mr1835Link, who runs fellow blog "S.O.F.T".
Although it's new, the reviews are great quality, as are the pictures. I highly recommend frequent visits as he's likely to make more and more high quality reviews.
We've become Affiliates for mutual benefit, and I'm sure this partnership will last for years to come (assuming both blogs stay running).

EDIT: Another shout-out to a fellow blogger who's been around for a while: Basic Nerf.
His posts are of a consistently high quality, pictures are great, and being a stock US blogger is officially recognised by Nerf and occasionally receives free stuff. I've followed Basic Nerf's posts for quite a while, and he's one of my favourite bloggers.

I'm proud to be able to call both these quality blogs Affiliates.

Links here and here.


  1. So what exactly does being affiliated do?

    1. Affiliation means each blog advertises the other, and occasionally help out each other in other aspects, such as sharing information.

  2. I know and like Basic Nerf! Also I want to get free stuff!