Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nerf Longstrike CS-6 (Whiteout) Review

Today I'm reviewing a much hated blaster - the Longstrike CS-6.

Some quick history about it's hate club:
The Longstrike CS-6 was introduced as Longshot CS-6s were becoming more rare. The Longstrike was meant to replace the Longshot as the sniper rifle of N-Strike. Unfortunately for Nerf and the Longstrike, Nerf fitted it with a reverse plunger, and the barrel is ridiculously long, resulting in poor ranges. That coupled with the Longstrike replacing the Longshot in stores made people rage around the world.

First things first, the Longstrike looks EPIC. The blue version is already cool enough, but the Whiteout version takes it to another level. The shape of it brings to mind WWI/WWII era rifles, while the bolt action and the angled handle bring to mind a sniper rifle.
Seriously, the only things it's missing are a scope (can be obtained from Longshot or Element) and a bipod (from Stampede or other toy guns).

The stock is extremely sturdy, but unlike other N-Strike stocks is not detachable with extreme strength or modification. Personally I'm fine with this because the Longstrike looks and feels stupid without the stock. An added bonus of the stock, apart from providing balance and stability, holds 2 6-clips (mags), which is convenient for quick reloading.

The feel of the Longstrike is great. The handle, though angled extremely is comfortable, and the barrel is easily gripped. I personally prefer pistol grip like that of the AT, but the Longstrike is really comfortable.

The flip-up sight is a reasonably useless attachment on its face, but it does make a pretty good iron site for blasters without one. A scope would have suited the Longstrike better, but the Longshot already has a scope so that's out of the question.

The barrel of the Longstrike is particularly cool. It mimics the tapering of sniper rifles, while also bringing to mind an assault rifle barrel on smaller blasters. Unfortunately for all its coolness, it reduces range drastically. For high powered blasters though, it does add accuracy which is useful.

Now to the base Longstrike itself. It has a small sliding jam door, but so far I haven't experienced any jams, and the jam door is quite small. It's black, which suites the Longstrike fine.
Operation of the Longstrike is the same as the Longshot, and similar to manual CS blasters - pull back the bolt, place a clip (mag) in if necessary, push the bolt forward, and fire. The Longstrike has a mechanism which locks up the bolt for a split second, which will hamper rapid firing.

One thing I noticed during Longstrike operation, the spring feels really weak. Which likely results in the following.

Ranges: 8-9m. Pathetic.
Accuracy: Reasonably good for a clip (mag) system blaster. Having said that though, clip (mag) system blaster accuracy isn't that great anyway.
ROF: Up to 2dps, but 1.0dps is the most reliable ROF I can achieve with any accuracy.

To sum up, the Longstrike is only worth it really as a display piece/prop, or for a basis to be modded. The sniper rifle shape lends to it having an internals replacement with an airtank, but a spring upgrade would achieve some decent results here.
Additionally with the Elite line, the Longstrike is totally outgunned and obsolete, except for the shell.

Back when the Longstrike was in stores, it was available for around 60AUD, with sales usually taking it down to 40AUD. The Whiteout version was exclusively available at BigW. Considering that you could get two Alpha Troopers for one Longstrike, its value for money is pretty low, as although it includes some tacticool stuff, it just doesn't perform and comes with a pathetic 6 clip (mag).

Looks amazing, stock holds 2 6 dart clips (mags), barrel is awesome, sights can be useful, several built in iron sights
Performance before mods is terrible, stock can only hold 6 dart clips (mags), ROF is limited due to bolt action

Power: 3.5/7
Accuracy: 4/5
Value for Money: 2.5/5
Usability: 4.5/5
Rate of Fire: 2/5

Overall: 3.1/5

Personal Rating: 3/5 - Pretty much just a prop, but an awesome prop. Really comfortable to use and looks amazing, especially in Whiteout.

Looks awesome, fires terribly. To mod or for a display piece.

Pic credit to SG Nerf.

EDIT: After some quick mods (AR removal, re-lube, plunger reinforce, spring replacement, seal improvement) the LSk is now hitting about 18m ranges. It's now one of my favourite blasters.


  1. I noticed that it is inconsistent, once or twice out of six shots it will fire quite well but sometimes the dart will just fall out of the barrel or will fire weakly. I also found that its accuracy was bad, it varied constantly.

  2. My longstrike got 6 meters flat, 9 meters angled. IMO, This blaster is a piece of crap as stock. But, I must use this blaster for sniping anyway. Cuz' I don't have any other sniper. Question: Should I use Retaliator instead? How should I customize it?

  3. The retaliator is far superior to the Longstrike. Don't ever use a Longstrike over a retaliator unless the Longstrike has new internals.

  4. I am thinking about getting on

  5. I have a retaliator and a long strike and I would recommended both :)

  6. Take a stryfe and add a longstrike barrel and a stockade stock and there is a semi auto sniper ish

    1. I've already got a whole lot of very, very similar setups in the Blaster Tacticool page.