Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Modded Nerf Supermaxx 1500 (new style)

As I said in the SM1500 review, I will show the terror you can make with an SM1500. And here it is:

Complete with rear loading hole for ease of reloading.

No official ranges yet (getting dark) but minimum 20m with hot glue filled Streamlines.
Accuracy is perfect as always.
ROF is reduced by about half a second.
The barrel material is 16mm UPVC instead of the usual 13mm polypipe.
I've still got some tweaking to do with the turret-outlet seal.

 Cleaned up the rear loading hole a little and shortened the barrel. Also tweaked the air seal a little. Should be getting 30m+ ranges.

UPDATE: 22/6/12
Now have official ranges. On a wet day (thanks a lot Melbourne winter), achieving consistent and accurate 32m ranges with hot glue filled Streamlines.
Held relatively level to ground, between waist and shoulder height.
EDIT: Probably don't pay these ranges too much stock.

Also tweaked the air seal so ranges are good but ROF is increased closer to original levels.

I would definetely use this in a Nerf war.

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