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Nerf N-Strike 2010 New Releases

This post is essentially a list of all the stuff released in 2010 that I'm aware of.

First of all, the 9/9/10 blaster, the Stampede ECS.

The Stampede is the largest blaster released by Nerf, and the most expensive, retailing around $100. It is the first fully automatic Clip (mag) System blaster, being powered by 6 D batteries. The Stampede comes with 3 18 dart extended clips (mags), and a 6 dart clip (mag). This gives a total capacity of 60 darts. The Stampede also comes with 2 unique attachments, the Blast Shield and the Bipod/Foregrip. With a rate of fire of around 2-3 darts, but with a range of only 5-7m, the Stampede is best as a close-range full-assault or defence blaster. That is until you get some modding skills and a Black Tactical Stampede Upgrade Kit.

Next, we have my personal favourite blaster, the Alpha Trooper CS-18. It was released in the US around August, and in Aus around October. This is a Target exclusive.
It comes with an 18 dart drum, which in my opinion is the best clip (mag)-drum ever created. In Australia, the AT retails for about $30, which is a great deal when compared to the Stampede, Recon, Deploy and Raider. The AT boasts ranges of at least 10m, and sports a ROF of up to 5 darts per second. Along with it's impressive range, the AT seems to be one of the most accurate blasters in the CS range, with sights and scopes being more useful on this than most other blasters. All these stats put together, it's little wonder that the AT has become the favourite blaster of many people, both casual and new to Nerf, and extreme modders and Nerf pros.

After these blasters, we have the most unique blaster, the Barricade RV-10. This was released in October in Aus, and December in the US.
The Barricade is flywheel powered, meaning that it uses fast spinning wheels to shoot the darts. This of course means that the blaster is electronic. This also allows the blaster to be semi-automatic. The rate of fire is dependant on how fast you can pull the trigger, potentially resulting in a rate of fire of 4 darts per second, and possibly more. The Barricade's standard range with 3*1.5v batteries is around 8m, but investing in better batteries will vastly increase the power of this blaster, potentially resulting in 15m ranges. Of course, the Barricade makes a load of noise, making it horrible for stealth. For its price of around $30, the Barricade is quite a good blaster for its price.

Now, we have the Spectre REV-5, Nerf's stealth oriented sidearm. It was released in October in the US, and late December in Aus. This is a Target (so far) exclusive in Aus, and Wal-mart exclusive in the US.
The Spectre is a 5 dart revolver, taking cues from the Maverick. It includes a fake silencer and a folding stock. I will review the Spectre when I have spare time, as I recently got it.

Last of the 2nd half of 2010 releases is the Barrel Break IX-2. This was released in August in the US, and sometime in October in Aus, although I've never actually seen one. This is a TRU exclusive.

The Barrel Break costs $30 and shoots 2 darts at a time using a two-stage trigger. Half a pull fires one dart, a full pull fires the other. Pulling the trigger fast all the way has the effect of appearing to shoot 2 darts at a time. It includes one of the most useful attachments, an ammo holder. It is loaded like a real double barrel shotgun. I probably won't ever get or use this blaster.

Earlier in the year, Nerf released the Deploy CS-6. This was released in <I have no idea> in the US, and was first spotted in Aus in October.
The Deploy is internally just about the same to the Recon, except the inside 'breech' rotates with the clip (mag) dock. The key features are: a shotgun-style pump-action grip, a dim red built-in torch, and a gimmicky but really fun 'deploy' feature. I will review this at some point.

The last blaster released in 2010 was the Longstrike CS-6. This was released with the Deploy. It was first found around <I have no idea> in the US, and in July in Aus in a Target catalogue. I've never seen a Longstrike elsewhere.

The Longstrike is the most sniper-rifle looking blaster Nerf has ever made. It looks simply epic. I haven't seen or used this blaster, but it shares internals with the Recon, and has a massively long barrel, so it's range is apparently horrible. It is bolt-action loaded, like the Longshot and Vulcan, and has a highly angled handle, so it feels very much like a sniper rifle.

Now I move on to accessories. Nerf released the Tactical Vest in the US in <Don't know, again>, and as of 11/2/11 has not released it in AUS.

It comes with 2 translucent clips (mags) and 12 Streamline darts. It can hold 4 clips (mags), 12 darts, a Sidearm of some sort (such as Spectre or Maverick), an N-Force weapon, and some stuff in a zip pouch.

I'm not sure if this is correct, but I think Nerf released the Bandolier Kit in 2010. It was released around June (?) in Aus in Kmart for $20 (BARGAIN!).
The Bandolier comes with 24 Streamline darts and 2 standard clips (mags). The Bandolier can hold 12 darts and 6 clips (mags). At $20, this makes it an easy way to get extra clips (mags) and darts. It also helps you hold weapons, with it's sling hooks at each end. These can hook on to various Nerf blasters. There's really not much to say about it.

Nerf released Camo Ammo in 2010. It was spotted in Aus quite late in the year, for $30 in Target.

There's not much to say about these. 50 darts, a large pouch, and camouflage printing. I am yet to see the Streamline variety anywhere. Streamlines in greyish urban camo, suctions in woodland greenish camo, and whistlers in arctic style camo.

I think that's about it released in 2010, I may update this page.

Pic credit for Barricade goes to SG Nerf

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