Monday, 24 January 2011

Nerf Reflex IX-1 Review

The Reflex is one of the smallest spring-powered blaster that Nerf offers. It also happens to be surprisingly powerful. Mine can surpass Recons, Mavericks, Deploys, Stampedes, this list continues. It is roughly on-par with a stock AT. However, being reverse plunger, it is out-ranged by LS's. The Reflex is available in two forms: a 6-pack with 2 darts per blaster, and a single pack with 3 darts. The 6-pack is available for $50, and the single for $7. You can do the maths yourself.

The Reflex, in my mind, looks...too kiddish. Unlike other Nerf blasters which have some firearm stylings to detract from the kiddishness, the Reflex has nothing in common with any firearms (besides a trigger).

The Reflex's size make it ideal for holstering, and its power makes it an ideal last-resort weapon. It is easy to use, sporting a slide, similar to a Recon's or Maverick's. Like both aforementioned blasters, the Reflex has a tactical rail on the slide. However, anything that is attached to the Reflex makes it look stupid and makes it difficult to use. When shooting, it is a simple matter of pulling the slide until it clicks, loading it and pulling the trigger. Usage tips(with the Barricade's) here.

I find that the handle is far too small for comfortable use. Sure, there is a curve for your thumb, but it's just too small. Also, I find the trigger a little...wimpy.

The Reflex can use any dart except Streamlines. This essentially means you have more accurate and more powerful darts to use (ie suctions, whistlers and taggers). The Reflex is the second-cheapest blaster, second only to the Secret Strike ($3.75).

Because the Reflex is muzzle-loaded, the rate of fire is dependant on how fast you can push another dart into the barrel (ie slowly). The Reflex (at least mine) can shoot 8-12m, dependant on darts (whistlers).

As a tertiary weapon (ie last resort), I definetely recommend this blaster. It is cheap, powerful and easy to use.
The Reflex is outclassed by the cheaper, more powerful and smaller Jolt as a pocket pistol, so I don't recommend the Reflex.

Tiny, colourful, very cheap, quite powerful especially for size
Single shot, requiring a reload of every shot, completely outclassed by Jolt, accuracy is not the best, all darts except whistlers do not work particularly well  

Power: 4/7
Accuracy: 4/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Usefulness: 4/5
Rate of fire: 1/5
Overall: 3.37/5

Personal Rating: 3.5/5 - quite liked both of mine, until the Jolt came out. The handle, despite being so small is surprisingly comfortable, but of course ranges aren't great. I also liked having two colour schemes.

Looks wierd, is tiny, blasts well.


  1. mine shot 40 ft. no joke

  2. mine shot 40. yeah i was elevated about 6 ft, but still!

  3. i had to modify to get it to go 30 feet from 5 feet off ground

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  5. Mine was 60 feet. Does this usually happen?

    1. 60 feet is pretty high. Aus spec Elites can't get that range flat, heck US spec Elites struggle getting 60 feet flat.
      I sure hope you're not giving an angled range.