Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nerf Recon CS-6 Review

This is my first review.
REDONE 20/3/12

The Nerf Recon was released around 2008, originally with an 'open' buttcap. This let you see the plunger as you prime it. Eventually, someone decided to sue Nerf for (most likely) a miniscule bruise and a pinching feeling, and forced Nerf to make a full buttcap for their Recons, covering up the plunger. The latest Edition (as of Jan 2011) has a shorter buttcap, and therefore a shorter plunger, which is more susceptible to damage. This edition is the one I own.

First of all, the Recon looks AWESOME. It looks very much like an assault rifle (like an M4, M16, AK-47, etc), and is magazine-fed like one (although Nerf calls them 'clips'). The ability to use a number of attachments also lets you customise your heart out.

The Recon uses a large grey slide for priming and loading. The slide is connected to the plunger and breech system which feeds the darts and primes the plunger. It is not particularly comfortable to grip or use, as it is very angular.
The handle is reasonably comfortable to hold, but again there are a few protrusions which can be a little uncomfortable.

The trigger requires quite a long trigger pull to fire. This can be annoying because the millisecond delays that you encounter can be the difference between tagging someone and getting tagged. It can also be a little tiring to pull the trigger so far, as most other blasters either have shorter trigger pulls or have a purpose for such trigger pulls.

As with most blasters, the Recon has a indicator telling you whether it is primed or not. The rear black part has a small hole, in which you can see the plunger. If cocked, the plunger will press against the black piece, and you will see orange in the hole. If uncocked, the hole will let you see into the Recon's innards.

First things first, the attachments.
The flip up sight is quite pointless, although it does provide a pretty cool iron sight. Because of the nature of the Recon (uses Streamlines), pinpoint shots are practically non existant so sights are kind of pointless. When attached to the Recon's slide, it also makes priming a fair bit harder as you fear breaking the attachment. In any case, ditch it.
The same applies to the light. Although great in concept - tactical light or laser, it is far too dim to be actually useful except in an almost pitch black scenario. Ditch it unless you really need the light. Alternatively the shell of the light looks quite good, so integrating something more useful into it is a good idea.
The barrel is slightly useful. Although it has faux rifling, it actually slightly improves the Recon's accuracy, but at a cost - the Recon loses about 2m in range. Ditch it if you want range, keep it if you want accuracy. It also adds 2 tactical rails if you're so inclined to be 'tacticool'.
The stock is probably the most useful attachment. It provides a point to lean your blaster on your shoulder as well as allowing the storage of a 6-clip (mag) or an 18-drum. It is quite flimsy compared to the Raider stock, however. Unless you're using the Recon as a pistol, keep the stock or replace it with a sturdier stock.

Now onto the Recon itself. It's clip (mag)-fed, so with extra clips (mags) it's easy to reload if you have extra clips (mags). Stripped down, the Recon is small enough to be used as a large sidearm for pistol rounds or backing up a more powerful blaster. However, with some attachments it can be your main blaster. Usage tips here.
The Recon is one of the more jam prone blasters, likely due to the breech design. Jam problems have been noted by many around the NIC. Although jams are not that common, the Recon is easier to jam than other clip (mag) system blasters, and has more jams which are not caused by user error.

Performance time.
My old Recon barely reached 10m, while my new one reaches up to 13m. It varies between units, but newer ones will have greater range. Accuracy is also a key factor. Because Recons use Streamlines, accuracy isn't good. Without the barrel attached you reach 13m ranges, but with the barrel attached you only reach 10m, but with greater accuracy. It really depends on what you're looking for with your blaster.
A ROF of about 2-3dps is possible with the Recon, although it'll be outgunned by slam fire and full autos such as ATs.

As a pistol I can recommend it if you want ease of reloading, but other blasters have more power and accuracy for sidearms. As a primary, I can't really recommend it as the AT beats it in almost every way. 
With all the new Elite blasters, the Recon is completely outclassed and obsolete, so I can't recommend it. Additionally its higher jam rate compared to other clip (mag) system blasters lowers its usability rating.

Looks cool, blaster is compatible with all clips (mags) and drums, clip (mag) is compatible with all (E)CS blasters, parts can be detached for use on other blasters, smallest spring powered CS blaster (clip [mag] fed pistol anyone?), relatively cheap, stock holds a 6 clip (mag) or 18 drum, easy to reload with extra clips (mags)
Accuracy sucks (even with the barrel), iron sight is therefore rendered useless, barrel reduces range, light unit is ridiculously dim, stock is flimsy, is difficult to use with attachment on slide, ROF is surpassed by most other (E)CS blasters, capacity of only 6 darts

Power: 4/7
Accuracy: 2.5/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5
Usability: 2/5
Rate of fire: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.07/5

Personal rating: 2/5 - It's decent, but not actually that good. And with the Elite stuff it's totally outclassed. It does come with some neat attachments useful for looking cool or for other projects.

Looks good, functions not so great.


  1. uh, it's only 20$

  2. You obviously have no idea of the Recon's power and usefulness. I suggest you check your reviews before you post. No I am not a yank I am Australian

    1. 1) I do have an idea of the Recon's power, but my first was average. Hence the original rating.
      2) I have a good idea of the Recon's usefulness, but as I said I don't need sidearms in my wars, and for non-sidearm use an AT is better.
      3) I thoroughly check my posts.
      4) I don't give a damn whether you're American or Aussie, unless you make a comment like the anon above.

  3. I totally agree, it's very average. It looks fantastic, especially with the raider stock and the longstrike barrel attachment and the longstrike sight. Looks similar to an M4.

  4. i have 2 recons 1 i modified 1, i did nothing to the un modifed one is the older version with the longer butt cap thing it shot 2.5/5 and the modified 5/5 but it fish tailed a little and i think it is a good primary cuz ive had em both for a while and before i modifed the newer one it shot probibly a 3/5 so ya

  5. There is a typo that the recon's barrel improves range. Just trying to let you know that:)

  6. i've been looking at the recon for a while about a month and i think this is a good opinion of the recon so i'm going to get it thanks!