Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nerf Barricade RV-10 Review

This is a first for Nerf, the Barricade being 'flywheel' powered. Basically, this means that two wheels spin very fast not very far apart, so the dart gets caught in between the two flywheels and gets thrown forward. Because the flywheels are vertical, as opposed to horizontal (as you find in Buzz Bee stuff), there is less spray, more accuracy and occasionally more range. Obviously, because it's electronically powered, the higher the voltage, the more powerful the blaster is. And the more annoying the noise is.
The Barricade looks like something out of a video game - its fat revolving barrel, its short muzzle, and its customisation ability. I think it looks good with any stock, and a Pinpoint Sight.

The Barricade can be considered as the 'Worst Kept Secret Blaster' because pics of it were leaked out many months before its release. Several online blogs, such as Urban Taggers and SG Nerf also managed to get hold of a set before it's official release. It was also released in AUSTRALIA (of all places) first (at least recorded online). This was in October, 2 months before its official release in the US in December. The first stores to have it were, in fact, electronics stores. Not the sort of store you find Nerf in.

The Barricade is a very basic blaster kit - the blaster, 10 darts and some instructions. Of course, unlike most other blasters, you can't just rip it out, load it and shoot it, because they don't include batteries OR a screwdriver. Initially, the noise can be annoying (at 3.6-4.5V) because. It has an average range of 10m - a bit more than some Buzz Bee blasters (according to other sites).

The handle on the Barricade is comfortable and curved, but for some reason I find it uncomfortable. Normally this discomfort comes from a badly designed handle, but the Barricade's is fine. You may think differently.

The Barricade has a stock attachment point and a tactical rail, making it fun to customise (but not nearly as fun as a Recon). The Barricade has slight recoil, but not enough to throw your aim off past about 30cm in the ground. Having a stock attached (or just steady hands) just about eliminates the recoil. A sight or scope is also useful as the Barricade is actually pretty accurate - less so at higher voltages. Usage tips here.

Because the Barricade is semi-auto (ie you don't have to cock it. ever.) you can dual wield them. This also makes it rather easy to shoot all ten shots - very little effort required. Be careful, though, you could waste all ten easy, and it's annoying to reload ten revolving barrels quickly. A ROF of about 3 dps is possible. A long trigger pull and ease of jamming when rapid firing prevents the Barricade from achieving a higher ROF.

Overall, the Barricade is as good a sidearm as it is a primary (being dual-wielded). For it's price (approx $30AUD), it's decent, although blasters like AT's will outclass it.
I highly recommend this blaster, as it is easy to mod (put in more powerful batteries) for quite high ranges (20+m ranges are possible).
With the Elite Stockade out, there really isn't any reason to get the Barricade, besides for its motors (which are allegedly incredibly robust). The Stockade is not only better value with its awesome stock, better looking with a better paintjob, has better ranges and better uses the universal Elite dart.
The Barricade design is useful for rapid fire sidearm, but being a switch activated flywheeler, for quick-draw the Barricade is not very useful, as by the time it revs up to firing RPM, someone with (for example) a Strongarm will have nailed you already.

Semi auto which allows for high dps, ease of use and dual wielding, is relatively small making dual wielding and holstering easier, ranges are easy to improve to respectable ranges, looks awesome
Noisy, must be spooled up to reach maximum ranges, spooling up can take several seconds, can be a pain to reload after firing all 10 darts, occasionally jams so badly that it ruins a dart and takes over a minute to fix

 Inside the jam door.
 Down the muzzle.
 Trigger unpulled.
 Part way through trigger pull. This first part rotates the barrel.
 All the way through the trigger pull. This part moves the dart pusher forward to push the dart into the flywheels.

Power: 4/7
Accuracy: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Usefulness: 4/5
Rate of fire: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.67/7

Personal Rating: 2.5/5 - it's fun to tool around with, but not really that practical.

Looks fat, sounds noisy, blasts nicely.

Pic Credit to SG Nerf.

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  1. just use a stampede if you want to rock a pre elite primary(modified of course)