Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Custom Scope 1: Large ACOG

Fed up of the single-reticule Nerf scopes? Want to have a (very slightly) functional scope without buying a real scope? This is the answer: make your own! This is the first custom scope I made. It slides on and off tactical rails with ease. Also, the cost for materials is far less than it would cost for any Nerf scope or Rifle scope.

First Lens

Second Lens

How to make this sort of Scope:

Toilet paper rolls
Clear sheet of plastic
Sticky tape
Hot glue

Permanent markers
Hot glue gun
Compass (circle drawing thingy)

How to do it:
1) Draw 2 circles the size of the toilet paper roll and cut them out. These make the lenses.
2) Draw the patterns you want on the lenses. It generally only works if you have a cross, dot, etc on the first lens (closest to your eye), and a grenade launcher syle sight on the second. Anyone who has played CoD will know what I'm talking about.
3) Stick the 2 lenses on either side of the toilet paper roll with tape.
4a) You could add the parts I have, which are just bits off another toilet paper roll.
4b) To make the tactical rail clip, just get another toilet paper roll and cut 2 segments off it.
5) Stick the two segments on the roll so that the gap between the two ends are the same size as a tactical rail.
6) Stick a toothpick on both segments at the end. This will act as the rail clips.
7) Test the scope on a tactical rail, preferably NOT the one on the Magstrike - it's slightly thinner than others. Make the appropriate adjustments.
8) Go and snipe some friends with it :D

The trick to using this is to align the first lens symbol with a line on the second lens BELOW the centre. This will make the dart lob slightly to give better range.


  1. Why not use PVC? more expensive than a toilet paper roll, but it looks more professional and is sturdier

  2. Because I'm cheap. :D
    Actually, it's really because I'd prefer using household items that you almost definetely find in a household. And the fact I don't have PVC. If you're willing to buy PVC, though, go ahead. It'll look better and probably also be better.

    1. Your right money can be good to spend less

  3. can't you just replace the orange thingy on the recon attachment with the scope?

  4. i do this, except i make guns and stuff. it's fun.

  5. random question
    are you (or used to be) nerf blasters and accessories
    cause i favourited nerf blasters and accessories and it took me here

    1. Yeah, this was Nerf Blasters and Accessories which used to be something else with a really long name.

  6. One thing that I do is buy a pair of cheap binoculars, and cut them in half. I then use really thin e-tape to make reticules on the opposite end.
    One thing I've done to my Recon flip-up sight is glue a 2x4 Lego plate onto it. That way, I can glue another 2x4 plate onto the bottom of my half-binocular sight, and attach it without it being permanent.

    1. If the blasters I used were powerful enough to warrant magnification, I'd probably just get a proper scope because they look cooler (not ghetto) and are easier to fit on tac rails.

      That Lego idea is quite neat though, nice thinking!