Monday, 31 January 2011

Buzz Bee Big Blast Review

Another non-Nerf blaster, the Buzz Bee Big Blast (or 4B) is one of the most popular Buzz Bee blasters, mainly because modders can make it into a lethal dart sniper with very basic mods (ie giving it a dart firing barrel...and that's it). However, in stock condition, depending on whether you get gen. 1 or 2, it fires rockets 9-12m. The gen.1 blaster took around 8 pumps to fill the tank, but was able to shoot rockets around 12m. The gen 2 (the one I have) only takes 3-4 pumps, but only shoots around 10m. Give it it's due, though, because 10m range with a ROCKET is rather impressive at only 3-4 pumps.

Like the Belt Blaster, the 4B looks rather kiddish. That is, until you see one with a massively long barrel. This is because any blaster that shoots rockets effectively can shoot darts even better. So if you see one with a massive barrel, run. Very far.

The 4B comes with 2 yellow foam rockets which are larger than darts, but smaller than the Titan AS.V 1's rocket. They are also quite tough and capable of surviving rough play without breaking. Being made of foam, it doesn't hurt a whole lot to be hit by one of these rockets, but it is quite annoying. Due to the rockets being made entirely of foam, and having no holes except the hole which fits over the barrel, it is extremely accurate.

The 4B's handle is surprisingly comfortable. It is curved and smooth, so your hand is less likely to get blisters from holding it too tightly. The front grip is also comfortable, though I find it a bit too close the the handle.

The 4B is quite light and easy to run around with. This makes it easier to run up to someone and rocket them at point-blank range (just not in the face). The reason why the 4B doesn't have great power unmodified is because it has an orange cap preventing most of the air escaping and pushing the rocket out. The air tank in the 2nd gen blaster is also a lot smaller than the original, so it has less potential power.

The 4B is not a practical blaster in any way (unless modified), but is soooo fun to play around with. It also requires an open space without fragile things - the rockets could easily knock vases, small globes and photos (etc), so it's best not to shoot anywhere near them.

My friends and I have a special rule when using rockets: in limited lives, getting hit by a rocket causes an instant kill and you lose ALL your lives. In unlimited lives, getting hit causes an instant kill and an increased respawn time. Either way, you benefit from killing with a rocket as opposed to a dart.

I got the 4B for $20, while some places have apparently had them for $30 +. Regardless, they are rare, already being discontinued, so you may want to keep one as a collecter's item (or to resell for a large profit).I've seen them on forums sell for $70 AUD MISB (Mint In Sealed Box). Or, if you like random internet references:
1) Buy 4B
2) Wait several years
3) ?????

Unless you're into modding, want a fun blaster, or need a rocket launcher, I don't really recommend this as an actual weapon. Where I got it from, it was cheap, though, so there was a high novelty factor.

I know those of you who mod will say that I don't give this blaster it's credit where it's due, but I don't like to completely rebarrel blasters the way you have to to get the best performance from the 4B. Scratch that. Check more recent posts to see what I've done.

Power: 7/7
Accuracy: 5/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Usefulness: 2/5
Rate of fire: 0.5/5
Overall: 3.3/5

Personal Rating: 4/5 - really comfortable to hold and use, loving its modded power.

High novelty, extreme fun, lethal sniper.

Pic credit goes to SG Toyz

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