Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nerf Magstrike AS-10 Review + Usage Tips

The Magstrike creates one of the most intimidating noises in Nerf Wars, with it's realistic shooting-type noises. Ironically despite its name, the Magstrike actually uses what are technically clips.

First of all, the Magstrike looks...weird, in my opinion. Then again, if you've seen its capabilities (which I shall explain below), it looks really scary. I can't really comment on aesthetics for the Magstrike because of its highly unusual design.

The Magstrike is one of the best starter weapons you can get, as, if used at the right time, you can eliminate several people from the game in less than one second. That's right, LESS THAN ONE SECOND. This is how ridiculously fast the Magstrike fires, which makes you wonder why the now only include one clip and why it only holds 10 darts. This makes it more of a spray-and-run blaster. It is ideal for defence as the mere sight of a Magstrike can scare many people. If they still come closer, you can let loose all ten darts in their direction.
EDIT: More 'advanced' and comprehensive ROF tests have shown Magstrike ROF of nearly 800dpm, equal to that of an M16 (in Battlefield).

The Magstrike has an excellent range (at least mine does), of around 12m. This is a great range for an N-Strike blaster. You may encounter the clip on your Magstrike not advancing upwards properly. As a not-very-keen modder, I have no idea why, but it is easily solved. You can simply hold the Magstrike sideways or upside-down, or flick the Magstrike up on the first shot to advance the clip. The clip should then advance automatically.

The pump on the Magstrike is very smooth and easy to use. This helps little kids use it and scare their parents :P The large black shell thingy at the back holds the air bladder, so take care of it. It is quite tough, and the little curve allows you to rest it against your shoulder like a stock. Both the pump handle and grip handle are extremely comfortable. The pump fits nicely in your hand, and the grip is very smooth. The trigger is a dual-finger trigger, which is very comfortable and easy to use.

Because the Magstrike is fully automatic (ie hold trigger and spray away), you can dual wield them. This is a very intimidating sight, as just one Magstrike is deadly. Dual wielding this with a Barricade RV-10 is an absolutely evil combo - 10 quick shots and 10 good shots are a killer combo. You could also dual wield this with a Powerclip DX 1000, as they are pretty much the same. (Powerclip is an old Nerf blaster that is considered the predecessor to the Magstrike)

Accuracy wise the Magstrike is pretty bad. Individual shots have a very low chance of actually hitting your target. This is compensated for by the Magstrike's incredible and unmatched ROF, drastically increasing your chances of a hit.

Overall, the Magstrike is an EPIC weapon. At its price of $25, it's also very affordable. This helps you get 2 for dual wielding and completely owning everyone.
Even with the huge set of Elite blasters available, no other blaster comes near to matching it's insane ROF.
Just a note on the ratings, the Magstrike is so far the only blaster to score a 5/5 for rate of fire, and is the benchmark on which other blasters are rated.

ROF, with extra clips is easy to reload, range is decent, has high intimidation factor, air tank capacity is quite high, air tank is quite tough
Re-pumping is a pain, does not include extra clips, ROF can be difficult to control, if there is even a minor air leak, can severely affect performance, quite large and bulky

Power: 4.5/7
Accuracy: 3.5/5
Value for money: 4/5
Usefulness: 4/5
Rate of Fire: 5/5
Overall: 3.94/5

Personal Rating: 4/5 - the ROF alone makes it a fantastically fun blaster.

Wierd looks, epic firepower.

Usage Tips:

Pumping amounts list (updated 10/6/11):
10 darts: ~17 pumps
20 darts: ~30 pumps (only for full auto)

1) Only pump up a short time before you need to use it. Leaving the bladder filled for too long will slowly damage it. This includes storage.
2) Trigger discipline - you don't want to waste air, and it enables you to shoot one or two darts as opposed to 5 darts every time you want to fire.
3) Have a primary blaster - the Magstrike only has 10 darts, and can shoot them very quickly. Especially if you have a heavy trigger finger. Alternatively, if you've attached an air compressor to your Magstrike, have loads and loads of clips, and it'll be fun.
4) When reloading clips, cut off the air in between the clips as quickly as possible. The longer you hold the trigger, the more air will be wasted, and the more you have to pump, wasting valuable time and leaving you defenceless.
5) (no brainer) Don't damage the pump.
6) To empty the bladder, push down the little wheel inside the clipwell and pull the trigger. Avoid having your finger hit by the ratchet.
7) When repumping, try at least 2-3 pumps per dart.  While you can full-auto off 10 darts with 15ish pumps, 20-30 pumps gives you the ability to burst fire all 10 darts reliably.
8) When pumping up at the start of a game, pump until the OPRV is activated. This could save you pumping a few times for those few extra darts that could save your life. It also allows you to guarantee burst firing one full clip, and at least half of a second.

The Magstrike is kind of fool-proof - there's not a lot that can go wrong.


  1. i absolutely luv my magstrikes! yep, i have TWO of them. frickin' awesome!!!

  2. Can you mod the Magstrike Mag to hold 20 darts?

  3. With great difficulty. you can. I saw a 20 dart mod somewhere on the interwebs, but it's a massive pain in the butt.

  4. The magstrike is EPIC!!!!! I'm a rusher so this is the best gun for me!!!! I luv it.

  5. I can give my dad ten darts in a second with it!!

  6. Dude just hold 2 magstrikes, empty them at the same time while spinning in a circle. Guaranteed kill

  7. I'm looking at getting a magstrike and looking at the reviews I think its totally worth it