Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nerf Maverick REV-6 Usage Tips

Certain tips also apply to EX and IX blasters (and all Dart Tag blasters).
Most tips apply to other REV blasters.
1) NEVER leave the darts loaded in the blaster - the 'AR's will eventually shrink the size of the darts and damge the shape. ***Applies to almost all Nerf blasters***
2) When reloading, put 2 darts in at a time. This (obviously) reduces the time you spend reloading, so you can shoot more.
3) Remember that you can use just about any type of dart. Don't hesitate to use Whistler, Streamline or Dart Tag darts just because your Maverick came with Suctions.
4) When you've reloaded the barrel and it is in position, spin the barrel to make the hexagonal hole line up with the hexagonal bit that's sticking out. This part makes the barrel rotate, and if the barrel isn't aligned, it won't spin and the dart won't fire. You could also pull the trigger several times to align the barrel.
5) Don't bother using the Tactical Rail. Anything you attach will get in the way.
6) This blaster isn't the best for dual wielding as you have to cock it every time you want to shoot. See Urban Tagger's posts (here, here, and here)
7) Keep your hand on the slide - this helps in rapid-firing.
8) Don't attempt long-range shots - someone with a (working) Hornet, Magstrike, Rapid Fire, Longshot or Alpha Trooper (list continues) will get you before you get them.


  1. Thanks for the useful tips.
    I have read on a few forums that other darts don't have the same range as the suction darts.
    Is this true?

    1. Yes it is. In general suction darts have less range than all other darts due to the non-aerodynamic tip design. All other Nerf darts, and stefans for that matter have a more conical or hemispherical design allowing for smoother and faster airflow, thus reducing drag and increasing range.